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Changes to SAHRIS!

The South African Heritage Resources Information System (SAHRIS) has undergone a generational upgrade and restructure. These changes to the site include, but are not limited to:

  • A new & modernised look and layout
  • Improved site usage flows with respect to applications and content creation
  • Improved site performance and stability

Launch for the new version of SAHRIS occurred on Monday the 30th of October 2023.

The new site can be found here:


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Code CommonName LocalNamesort descending CulturalAssociation Image
JAG 1987-3-76 headrest xikhigelo
JAG 1987-3-44 headrest xikhigelo
JAG 1987-3-105 headrest xikhigelo
JL-E-52 headrest xikhigelo Tsonga
JAG 1987-3-77 headrest xikhigelo
JAG 1987-3-45 headrest xikhigelo
JL-E-80 headrest xikhigelo Tsonga
JAG 1987-3-106 headrest xikhigelo
JL-E-53 headrest (double) xikhigelo Tsonga
JAG 1987-3-78 headrest xikhigelo
JAG 1987-3-46 headrest xikhigelo
JL-E-81 headrest xikhigelo Tsonga
JAG 1987-3-107 headrest xikhigelo
JAG 2000-7-46 jacket with train (sangoma outfit) xinorobadji
JAG 2000-7-40 jacket xinorobadji
JAG 2000-7-43 front piece xinorobadji
JAG 2002-11-20 basket xithabana Tsonga
JAG 2002-11-34 dotted top yele Tsonga
JAG 2001-1-5 inyanga beaded jacket yele
Irma Stern - Young Swazi Woman Painting Young Swazi Woman
GMM35(a) Zither Zither
GMM35(b) Zither Zither
GMM2526 Zoom lens + Bag Zoom lems + Bag



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