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Bonn-Sedan Electrification





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Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd, Limpopo Operating Unit (LOU) hereby notifying you that it intends to electrify Bonn Sedan Village. The new powerline will be more than 300m and it will be connected from the existing powerline within the village, refer to the Span plan sheets and the Pegging Coordinates for more information). The village is falls within the Greater Tzaneen Municipality of Mopani District Municipality in the Limpopo Province.


Environmental Screening of the powerline route was conducted during mapping of the project and pegging of the route by Survey team and site verification by Environmental Practitioner which lead to the generation of the servitude planning documents [Distribution Environmental Screening Document (DESD), Wayleave, Span plan and Pegging coordinates attached for your reference].No Heritage resources outlined on item 6.3 of the DESD were observed on site. The project area is the farm area currently heavily degraded by current land use activities such as the access roads, existing powerline, houses and property boundary fence. Eskom LOU here by notifies SAHRA of the proposed construction of the powerline which is more than 300M in length. However, should any of the heritage resources, including graves or human remains be encountered or discovered during construction, Eskom shall immediately cease construction, inform SAHRA office, other relevant Department and as soon as possible contract a professional archaeologist to inspect the findings and conduct investigation as prescribed by the Act.


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