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Croydon/Germiston River Crossings





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The Proposed Construction of River Crossings along 132kV/88kV High Voltage (HV) Feeder Underground Cables within Croydon/Germiston area in the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng Province


Eskom SOC (Pty) Ltd is proposing a replacement and network strengthening strategy for HV cable systems in the Gauteng Province to sustain load growth as well as provide a high-level of network reliability for the future. Many areas supplied by HV cables in the Gauteng Operating Unit are economically important and also enjoy moderate to high media attention (Soweto Soccer stadiums, JSE, Gautrain, etc.) . A major part of all the HV cable feeders supplied by Gauteng Operating Unit are from the 88kV Craighall MTS, where annualised growth for Sandton alone is estimated at ±3.5% p.a over the last 5 years. These HV cables systems need to be replaced before extensive interruptions in the region is experienced, as these HV cables systems have reached their end of life. A number of areas within both the City of Joburg and Ekurhuleni Metrolitan Municipality have been consider for the replacement strategy including Craighall (Sandton), Randburg and Croydon (Germiston). The proposed HV cables systems will be crossing watercourses in certain areas. This assessment will be focused on river crossings along HVcable within Croydon/Germiston area and the other areas will be assessed through a separate EIA process


Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 10:53




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DEA 22/03/2018



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