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Revised Schedule of Fees for Applications made to the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA)

EIA for Cygnus Mine





Development Type: 


Universal Coal Development V (Pty) Ltd (UCDV) was granted a Prospecting Right (LP30/5/1/1/2/1276PR) over the Cygnus 549 MS property, and is currently applying for a mining right in respect of coal mining at the property. The proposed project is located on Farm Cygnus 549MS within Makhado Local Municipality of the Vhembe District Municipality in the Limpopo Province, some 120 km to the north of Polokwane and to the east of Alldays.


The mining industry is of great importance to the South African economy, with South Africa having one of the world’s largest coal reserves. Eskom currently relies on coal fired power stations to produce approximately 95% of the electricity generated in South Africa and until alternative energy generation options can be implemented on a sufficiently large scale, Eskom is totally dependent on coal mining. The mineral extraction at the proposed Cygnus Mine is considered by UCDV to be in the best interest of the public at large by generating earning power both locally and internationally, and in the absence of significant alternative employment opportunities in the area.


Friday, April 26, 2019 - 16:13





  1. PDF icon 535300_UCDV_Cygnus DSR_20190408..pdf
  2. PDF icon Appendix 4_Locality_In_limpopo_12082018.pdf
  3. PDF icon Appendix 5_ Block Flow Diagram.pdf
  4. PDF icon Appendix 6_Listed Acts Map.pdf
  5. PDF icon Appendix 3_DMR Acceptance Letter_Draf Scoping Report.pdf
  6. PDF icon Appendix 7_2 PPP_Claims Letter.pdf
  7. PDF icon Appendix 7_3 PPP_Email_Letter Notification.pdf
  8. PDF icon Appendix 7_4 PPP_Site Notices photos Combined.pdf
  9. PDF icon Appendix 7_5 PPP_Newspaper Advertisement.pdf
  10. PDF icon Appendix 7_6 PPP_Stakeholder Meeting Documents.pdf
  11. PDF icon Appendix 7_8 PPP Proof of Consultation with State Dept.pdf
  12. PDF icon Appendix 8_15_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus_Traffic_20190814.pdf
  13. PDF icon Appendix 8_16_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus Visual_Final_14082019.pdf
  14. PDF icon Appendix 8_17_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus Freshwater_Final_14082019.pdf
  15. PDF icon Appendix 8_18_535300_Universal Coal_Hydrogeological Assessment_20190808.pdf
  16. PDF icon Appendix 9_CompositeMap.pdf
  17. PDF icon Appendix 8_1_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus AQIA_Final_14082019.pdf
  18. PDF icon Appendix 8_2_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus Biodiversity_Final_14082019.pdf
  19. PDF icon Appendix 8_3_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus Blasting_Final_14082019.pdf
  20. PDF icon Appendix 8_4_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus Climate_Final_14082019.pdf
  21. PDF icon Appendix 8_5_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus Closure.pdf
  22. PDF icon Appendix 8_6_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus Ecomomic_Final_14082019.pdf
  23. PDF icon Appendix 8_7_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus Geotechnical_Final_14082019.pdf
  24. PDF icon Appendix 8_9_535300_Universal Coal_Cygnus_Surface_Water (Hydrology)_20190803_Final.pdf
  25. PDF icon Appendix 8_10_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus Hydropedology_Final_14082019.pdf
  26. PDF icon Appendix 8_11_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus Noice_Final_14082019.pdf
  27. PDF icon Appendix 8_13_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus_Social_Final_20190806.pdf
  28. PDF icon Appendix 8_14_535300_Universal Coal Cygnus Soil and Landuse_Final_14082019.pdf
  29. PDF icon 535300_UCDV_Cygnus MRA_Draft EIA_EMPr Report_2019081c.pdf
  30. PDF icon Cygnus Mining Right_IWWMP_20190816_F_c.pdf
  31. PDF icon Revised Draft EIA_EMPr_Part 1
  32. PDF icon Revised Draft EIA_EMPr_Part 2
  33. PDF icon Revised Draft EIA_EMPr_Part 3
  34. PDF icon Revised Draft EIA_EMPr_Part 4
  35. PDF icon Revised Draft EIA_EMPr_Part 5
  36. PDF icon Revised Draft EIA_EMPr_Part 6
  37. PDF icon Paleontological Report
  38. PDF icon Heritage Report

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