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Excavation of Border Cave in the 21st century





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We aim to make a detailed study of the site stratigraphy by opening an existing section, comparing it to previous reports, and taking sediment samples and micro-morphological blocks for analysis. This work has not been done and is essential for understanding the sedimentary and diagenetic processes at the site. A 1 x 2 m excavation area will be opened at the back of the cave where burnt stone from older deposits will be collected for Thermoluminescence dating. Organic remains from this excavation will receive particular attention because the preservation at the site is exceptional, yet little is known about its botanical component or its worked bone assemblage. The cave will be scanned in 3D to plot previously excavated finds and those resulting from future excavations. The site will be prepared for excavation by a professional rehabilitation team and this same team will undertake new rehabilitation after the small excavation is completed at Border Cave in KwaZulu-Natal.


Friday, May 8, 2015 - 15:04





Fig. 1. Geographic location of Border Cave, and plan indicating excavated areas and the location of hominin remains.
Fig. 2. Border Cave lithostratigraphy
Fig. 3. Border Cave floor plans and proposed excavation area
Table 1. Border Cave chronology

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