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Formalisation of formal housing and stands in Ezakheni E, Alfred Duma Local Municipality, KZN.





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The Alfred Duma Local Municipality has realised that several erven within Ezakheni E Township have been settled without the finalisation of town planning processes informally and therefore saw the need to formalise the existing erven to register the amended general plan and ensure that the erven can be transferred to individually to beneficiaries


The subject properties are already owned by the Municipality and are situated within a Township. This will enable the Municipality to collect revenue through tax and rates in future. The land development application (i.e. development of land situated outside the area of the land use scheme) will be submitted in terms of the provisions of Section 46 (e) and Section 46 (h) the Alfred Duma Local Municipality Spatial Planning and Land Use Management By-law, 2017. The process constitutes of township establishment application in order to formalise the existing stands and houses. The Ezakheni E housing project was initiated in 2011 to fast track the delivery of RDP houses to the people who were affected by floods. However, the town planning processes including the professional studies were not undertaken and the area is situated outside the area of the land use scheme. The Municipality saw the need to formalise the existing developments on site and therefore appointed Nkanivo Development Consultants to undertake the project.


Wednesday, August 25, 2021 - 12:40




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