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Revised Schedule of Fees for Applications made to the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA)

HIA for the Boston-Stortemelk-Node OHL Project, Free State Province





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Heritage Impact Assessment Report for the Boston-Stortemelk-Node OHL Project, Thabo Mofutsanyane District Municipality, Free State Province


This report details the results of a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) study for the proposed Boston-Stortemelk-Node OHL Project near Clarens in the Thabo Mofutsanyane District Municipality of the Free State Province. It has been indicated that an Environmental Basic Assessment (BA) process will not be required for this project. Boston Hydro is a 5MW run-of-river hydro power project located on the Ash River near Clarens. Power will be evacuated via a 22kV overhead powerline from Boston to the Eskom Node substation via the Stortemelk hydropower plant. The power evacuation scope will include the construction of a new 2.3 km long overhead powerline from Boston to Stortemelk and upgrading of the existing powerline from Stortemelk to Node over distance of 9km. The 22kV Boston-Stortemelk-Node powerline will therefore be 11.3 km in total length, utilizing Chickadee conductor, built on wooden pole structures with H-pole and double wood structures, and include ADSS for fibre communications. The following properties fall within the Powerline Study Corridor, depending on the final alignments: • Portion 1 of Farm 40, Boston, F00100000000004000001 • Remainder of Farm 1865 / 190, Kruis Vallei F00100000000186500000 / F00100000000019000000 • Remainder of Farm 1865, Plasie, F00100000000185600000 • Portion 4 of Farm 1782, Plasie, F00100000000178200004 • Remainder of Farm 541, Botterkloof, F00100000000054100000 • Portion 3 of Farm 541, Botterkloof, F00100000000054100003 • Farm portions relevant to the existing Sortemelk / Node OHL route include: • Portion 3 of Farm 541, Botterkloof, F00100000000054100003 • Portion 2 of Farm 541, Botterkloof, F00100000000054100002 • Remainder of Farm 1225, Boston “A”, F00100000000122500000 • Portion 1 of Farm 1225, Boston “A”, F00100000000122500001 • Portion 1 of Farm 1424, Boston “B”, F00100000000142400001 • Remainder of Farm 1424, Boston “B”, F00100000000142400000 • Remainder of Farm 844, Memies Rust, F00100000000084400000 • Remainder of Farm 1308, Francisco, F00100000000130800000 • Remainder of Farm 1858, Liege, F00100000000134000000 • Portion 1 of Farm 842, Elim, F00100000000084200001 • Portion 1 of Farm 916, Ararat, F00100000000091600001 • Remainder of Farm 916, Ararat, F00100000000091600000 • Remainder of Farm 1116, Modderina, F00100000000111600000 • Portion 1 of Farm 1116, Modderina, F00100000000111600001 (Node substation) The following technical details on the proposed Boston-Stortemelk-Node OHL were provided to specialists: - Pylons o Type: H-pole and double pole wood structures o Size: 200 mm tip diameter; 4.5 m, 180 mm wood crossarms o Height: 11 m to 14 m poles o Planting depth: 1.8 m to 2.2 m - Spacing o Spacing distance varies drastically between structure types and pole heights and is further affected by the terrain. At minimum, where avoidable structures should not be closer than 50m. At maximum, the suspension structures, with 12 m poles, can achieve a span of ±96 m; the strain structures, with 12 m poles and where the terrain allows, can achieve up to 350 m spans. The longest span currently in the design is achieved along the existing Node – Stortemelk alignment, with a spacing of 150 m. - Associated Infrastructure o Servitude widths: Building restriction are 9m from the centreline with a 18m total servitude. Tree restriction are 25m from the centreline. Trees will be cut back where required to ensure 25m restriction to centreline is maintained. o Access roads are not required as existing roads will be used. The existing terminal, and all other infrastructure past the terminal, at Stortemelk will not be upgraded.


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