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Mphahlele Mine Mining Right Project





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The Mphahlele Community Development Trust is in the process of applying for a Mining Right on the farm Locatie van M'phatlele 457 KS in the Limpopo Province.


The Mphahlele Community Development Trust holds a Mining Permit (LP30/5/1/3/2/10983MP) and Prospecting Right (LP30/5/1/1/2/013PPR) over the farm Locatie van M'phahlele 457 KS for their current small-scale opencast operations. The Mining Right area is situated 60 km south-east of Mokopane and 50 km south of Polokwane in the Limpopo Province. Current mining operations consist of opencast mining (small-scale), overburden and ROM stockpiling and associated activities. Mining is currently restricted to the 5 ha mining permit issued for the operation. Thus, the applicant proposes to apply for a Mining Right on the same farm portion to extend the existing opencast operations and to establish underground mining. The mine also proposes to establish a wash plant and associated facilities such as residue stockpiles. The residue material from the wash plant will be allowed to dry, where after it will be stockpiled and used as backfill material for the opencast void, thus no tailings dam will be constructed for the project. The mining project will include the following infrastructure and activities: • Opencast and underground mining of chrome • Backfilling of opencast void with waste rock/overburden and tailings • Haul and access roads (including drainage line crossings) • Workshop, administrative buildings and parking areas • Processing plant (including crushing and screening) • Stockpiles (topsoil, ROM, waste rock/overburden, product) • Groundwater abstraction (boreholes) • Storm water management infrastructure (channels, berms and pollution control dams) • Tailings storage facilities – a tailings drying pad and dry stockpiling • Ablution facilities • Process and clean water storage


Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 09:29




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LP 30/1/2/3/2/1(10184) EM



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