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The proposed project is located in certain portions of the land which belongs to the Khomani San Communal property Association situated at Dawid Kruiper Local Municipality within ZF Mgcawu district municipality in Northern Cape Province. The Land Claims Commission has transferred about six (6) farms totalling approximately 37 000 hectares of white owned farms to the custody the Khomani San CPA. Khomani San Farms include Erin, Witdraai, Miershoopan, Uitkoms, Sonderwater, Rolletjies, Andriesvale and Scotty’s Fort. The site will get access from the R360


NTG Solutions on behalf of The Department of Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) requires services of a team of professionals to develop a Local Development Plan and to undertake a township establishment process in certain portions of the land belonging to the Khomani San Communal Property Association situated at Dawid Kruiper Local Municipality in the Northern Cape Province. In line with the Communal Property Associations Amendment Bill, 2016, the Department intends to ensure that before the Khomani San Community are given individual title deeds and that the whole property is registered in terms of the Deeds Registries Act, 1937 (Act No. 47 of 1937), general plan is prepared and approved in terms of the Land Survey Act, 1997 (Act No. 8 of 1997). The Amendment Bill states that the general plan must outline parts of the property reserved for: 1. development including infrastructure investment for the entire community. 2. Crop fields, grazing land, water ways, conservation, recreational and any other purpose for the entire community; 3. Residential, industrial and commercial purposes(sub-divided portions). 4. It is against this background that the Department seeks the services of a team of professional service providers to undertake a process of resource appraisal for the whole land belonging to the CPA in order to: a. Undertake the EIA process for establishment of townships in identified areas.


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Dept CaseReference DueDate FinalDecision
DENC NC/EIA/08/ZFM/DAW/MIE1/2022 17/09/2022



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