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Nigel Steel Plant




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The proposed site measures 3.2 hectares. The deciding factor for the site selection has been the availability of ample power and its nearness to the industrial areas of Springs and Boksburg. The proposed Steel Manufacturing Plant (detailed in the section to follow) will be situated within an area already zoned: Industrial 3, located in Nigel, within the jurisdiction of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM), Gauteng Province.


The proposed project involves the establishment of the proposed Nigel Steel Manufacturing Plant for the production of steel. The development will utilise steel scrap in its process to manufacture a refined product. The proposed establishment plant will be constructed within an area already zoned: ―Industrial 3‖. The proposed development is located in Nigel, within the jurisdiction of the EMM, Gauteng Province. The proposed project is a steel plant where ferrous materials are melted and processed with additives to meet the required product specifications. Products include mild steel billets, angle irons, flat bars, beams and channels. The proposed plant will entail the following facilities: - Scrap Processing Unit; - Steel Melting Shop; and - Rolling Mill.


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GDARD 002/13-14/E0139 20/05/2014

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