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Nomination of the Lesseyton Methodist Seminary as National Heritage Site






Lesseyton Methodist Seminary is located in Lesseyton village in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.It was historically a theological training school that had survived 33 years (1883-1916). It is a Christian church and has strong ties to the history of missionaries and the development of formal Theological Training schools for Africans. It forms part of a large Wesleyan Methodist domination that operates across Southern Africa.


Established in 1847 as a Mission Station, Lesseyton later became an Industrial Institute offering industrial education. When the industrial education came to end, the site was used for primary and secondary schooling and is the remaining building of the Leeseyton Methodist Theological Training School. The existing Lesseyton Methodist Church building is a historical building of significance. It is the only remaining building on the site of the Lesseyton Methodist Theological Training School established in 1883 following the relocation from Healdtown. Many people that were trained in the Lesseyton Methodist Seminary made outstanding contribution to South African society in political, social and religious spheres. The freedom enjoyed today can be traced from the unwavering efforts in the fight against oppressive colonial policies by the alumni like Rev. Z.R. Mahabane and E.J. Mqoboli. The legacy of the Lesseyton Methodist Seminary hymn writers is felt throughout South Africa even today.


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