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Permit for the Temporary export of Copper Sheathing to Industrie Museum Germany





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Application for the temporary export of copper sheathing for exhibition at the Industrie Museum Kupfermuhle in Germany


This copper sheathing was discovered on a beach near the Bushmans River mouth in May 2021. The sheathing is thought to have come from the nearby wreck of the Volo (1896). There is a makers mark on the sheathing and the finders tracked down the area in Germany where is was manufactured and approached the local museum to see if they would like it for display, they then posted the sheathing to the museum without the required permits. The MUCH unit at SAHRA were alerted to a news articled about the sheathing and when they contacted the finders, they were informed that they had already sent it to the Industries Museum Kupfermuhle in Germany. SAHRA approached the museum and explained that the item had been exported without following the due processes and getting the correct permit and asked that the museum return the item to South Africa, which they duly agreed to do. The museum has now applied for an export permit for the sheathing so that they can exhibit it at the museum as it is the only known example of this object that was manufactured in the area it and would greatly add to their museum display. The motivation from the museum for the export of the object is set out in the supporting documents attached to the case.


Thursday, June 23, 2022 - 10:18






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