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Proposed Cultivation Activities on Strydpoort Farm, 1136, Winterton





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Proposed Cultivation of 19 ha of Land, Located on Portion 4 of Stryd Poort No. 1136, Strydpoort Farm, within the Okhahlamba Local and uThukela District Municipality, Winterton, KwaZulu-Natal.


The Applicant, Rangeland Farming (Pty) Ltd, is proposing the cultivation of 19 ha of land, located on Portion 4 of Stryd Poort No. 1136, Strydpoort Farm, within the Okhahlamba Local and uThukela District Municipality, Winterton, KwaZulu-Natal. The Applicant wishes to cultivate a variety of crops on a rotational basis which includes vegetables and seed maize, and a mixture of cover crops such as wheat, oats, and rye. The Applicant was previously granted Environmental Authorisation on 25 October 2019 (Reference Number: DC23/0004/2019) for the cultivation of 7 ha of land. The proposed cultivation sites are situated within the farming community of Winterton, with the farm boundary located adjacent to the R74 roadway and cultivated lands. The site is gently sloping towards a low-lying area where the Kaalspruit River meanders. All main irrigation pipelines are existing and will be used for the proposed cultivation sites. Drag irrigation pipelines will then be connected to the main lines to irrigate the lands. Strydpoort Farm is accessed off the R74 Road, east of Winterton, and is located at GPS Coordinates 28°49'41.95"S, 29°39'39.39"E. The property is approximately 244 ha in extent and is surrounded by commercial agricultural lands. The National Vegetation database identified the vegetation of the site as KwaZulu-Natal Highland Thornveld. This has been ranked as Least Concern. A specialist Heritage and Impact Assessment was conducted for the proposed project. The aim of the assessment was to identify and assess any heritage sites or features of archaeological significance associated with the proposed project. The assessment did not identify any known heritage sites within the proposed cultivation fields, except for one historical cemetery and a settlement which post-dates 1940. Two other grave sites were identified; however, these are not within the cultivation areas and will not be affected by the cultivation activities. The proposed new cultivation sites will not affect heritage resources, provided adequate management is undertaken. PIA: A Palaeontological Impact Assessment was included in the Heritage Impact Assessment report and was conducted for the proposed project. The proposed study site is identified to fall within an area with a very high palaeontological sensitivity. The findings of the study stated that the proposed cultivation activities will not affect the palaeontological horizons.


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