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Prospecting Right Application Rhenosterfontein GP 30/5/1/1/2/10691 PR





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National Treasure Minerals (Pty) Ltd (the applicant) applied for a prospecting right for Iron Ore to the Regional Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (“DMRE” Gauteng) in respect of Portions 1,4,6,7,8,10 and the Remaining Portion of the farm Rhenosterfontein 210 JR, portion 3 and the remaining extent of the farm Naauwpoort 208 JR situated in the City of Tshwane Municipality Gauteng Province. of South Africa. The application originally included an additional farm, which the department has come back and requested the farm to be excluded as it is part of an existing application, the original extent of the prospecting application area was 10 000ha , and has now been reduced to 7 350ha. The full extent of the drill site will also be demarcated, and no drilling will be done outside of the boundary. The study area is located roughly 22 km south of Rust de Winter in Region 5 of the City of Tshwane Municipality (CoT). Both non-invasive and invasive prospecting activities will be undertaken as part of the proposed Prospecting Work Programme (PWP). The application will follow a phased approach, where the prospecting work program is divided into several sequential phases.


Friday, July 30, 2021 - 14:27




Dept CaseReference DueDate FinalDecision
GP 30/5/1/1/2/10691 PR 26/08/2021



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