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How do I register a Conservation Body on SAHRIS, or register as an expert?


In terms of Section 25(1)(b) of the National Heritage Resources Act, No 25 of 1999, SAHRA and the Provincial Heritage Authorities invite Conservation Bodies across the nation to register their groups on SAHRIS and to participate in heritage matters which interest or affect them. In particular, we would like to hear your voice through our online commenting system. 

This will assist our heritage officers in making better informed decisions and to benefit from your expertise in heritage related matters. It is your right to comment, so please use it!

We need to know the following during the registration process:
1. Name of Organisation

2. Name of chairperson(s)
3. Heritage Authority(s) with which you are registering
4. Motivating statement: explaining what your organisation stands for and what TYPE of heritage resources you are concerned about
5. Supporting docs (attachments)
Map of the geographical area of interest to you, and within which you would like to monitor and comment on; this is not necessary for groups interested in heritage objects.

For Heritage Experts:

With regards to heritage object, and in terms of Section 32(10) of the NHRA, No. 25 of 1999, SAHRA may designate any person or any institution in South Africa as an expert examiner for the purposes of this section [i.e. Section 32], on the basis of his, her or its special knowledge.

We are in the process of setting up national naming committees and would like interested volunteers to register with us. If you are an expert in certain types of heritage objects, please tell us:

1. Who you are
2. What are the types of heritage objects you have expert knowledge of?
3. Your level of experience and curriculum vitae

Most of the above information can be loaded directly on SAHRIS by:
 - Registering your free account on the home page
 - Completing your profile via My Account, Create a Profile

Once you have done the first two steps please email the rest of your information to
You may also call our office number on 021 462 4502 for more information.




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