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How often is the Heritage Cases GIS layer updated on the Geoserver?


Heritage cases generate a fair amount of spatial content as the nodes are being mapped in LOCATIONINFO. The default Openlayers module starts to collapse when trying to map more than 50 nodes at a time (depending on how complex the Well Known Text data fields are).

At this point we are updating the shapefile for heritage cases on a monthly basis to get around this limitation.
Here are the steps we are taking to update the shapefile:

1. Check the last date of the shapefile in the HeritageCases GIS View.
2. Go to - this downloads a CSV file of all heritage cases mapped on SAHRIS since May 2012
3. Add .csv to the file name and open it in WordPad or Notepad. Remove the labels in the first row and leave only CaseID in the first row.
5. Open the CSV file in a GIS application, and import the CSV file ensuring WKT format is selected and fields separated by Comma with a header row applicable. 
6. Export (as vector) the layers as shapefiles - polygons, lines and points as hc_areas.shp, hc_lines.shp and hc_points.shp respectively. 
7. Connect to the server and move the current shapefiles to an archive folder by date in the 'old' subfolder.
8. FTP the new shp files and associated database files to the heritage cases folder.
9. Edit the Heritage Cases layer description to the relevant date under
10. Update views (under structure); search Heritage Cases GIS and edit. Under filters, change post date >day before update was run

Note: To export the Heritage Cases GIS layer with the URL path to the case on SAHRIS, click on the following link:



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