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Which map layers should I use when creating new cases/Why are my file uploads hanging in the heritage cases or heritage reports?


There are three main case related layers in the Openlayers maps.
SAHRA Reports 2009
Heritages Cases < (some date, currently 18/11/2012)
Heritage Cases GIS

The first two layers are shapefiles served up from our GEOSERVER. They handle large amounts of mapped data and cannot be clicked on in the maps. In order to find their related cases or reports, zoom in close enough to them and you will the CASEID number or the MAPID_XXXX number. The MAPID_XXXs relate to archive reports from 1980-2009. The CASEID numbers all represent full cases created on SAHRIS. The third layer is a live SAHRIS node map which can be clicked on in certain map presets on SAHRIS (eg viewing a case). It is updated and linked to the Heritage Cases < some date layer - only cases younger than the 'some date' are included on the live map. 

This is a solution to the problem experienced with trying to map too many nodes with complicated geometries on SAHRIS. The GEOSERVER is much better at providing spatial data and therefore the mapped cases are moved periodically to the server as shapefiles. 



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