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Titlesort descending Significance Geological Formations RelevantImages
Adelaide Formation Very high Karoo, Beaufort, Adelaide Map - Adelaide Formation
Algoa Group Very high Algoa, Schelm Hoek, Nahoon, Salnova, Nanaga, Alexandria, Bathurst Map - Algoa Group
Archaean Granite-Gneiss Basement Insignificant or Zero Archaean granite and gneiss
Archaean Greenstone Belts Insignificant or Zero
Barberton Sequence Low Barberton, Moodies, Clutha, Joe's luck, Baviaanskop, Onverwacht, Weltevreden, Mendon, Theespruit, Komati, Hooggenhoeg, Fig Tree, Sheba, Belvue Road, Schoongezicht, Ngwenya, Mapepe, Auber Villiers Map - Barberton Sequence
Barkly East Formation Moderate Karoo, Drakensberg, Barkly East
Baviaanskloof Formation Moderate Cape, Table Mountain, Nardouw, Baviaanskloof Map - Baviaanskloof Formation
Beaufort Group Very high Karoo, Beaufort, Koonap, Middleton, Balfour, Abrahamskraal, Teekloof Map - Beaufort Group
Berea Formation Very high Map - Berea Formation
Black Reef Formation High Transvaal, Black Reef Map - Black Reef Formation
Bluff Formation Very high
Bokkeveld Group Very high Cape, Bokkeveld, Bidouw Map - Bokkeveld Group
Bosbokpoort Formation Very high Karoo Map - Bosbokpoort Formation
Boshoek Formation Low Transvaal, Pretoria Map - Boshoek Formation
Brandkop Subgroup High Nama & Vanrhynsdorp, Brandkop
Bredasdorp Group Insignificant or Zero
Brenton Formation Very high Algoa Basin, Uitenhage, Brenton (Je)
Buffelsfontein Group Moderate Transvaal
Buffelskloof Formation Low Algoa Basin, Uitenhage, Buffelskloof(Kb) Map - Buffelskloof Formation
Bumbeni Complex Insignificant or Zero Map - Bumbeni Complex
Burgersdorp Formation Very high Karoo, Beaufort, Burgersdorp, Driekoppen Map - Burgersdorp Formation
Bushveld Complex Insignificant or Zero Bushveld Complex, Lebowa Granite, Rashoop Granophyre, Rustenburg layered Map - Bushveld Complex
Caenozoic Deposits of the Interior High
Cango Caves Group Low Cango Caves, Huis River, Groenenfontein, Matjies River Map - Cango Caves Group
Cape Granite Suite Insignificant or Zero Cape granite suite Map - Cape Granite Suite
Cederberg Formation Very high Cape, Table Mountain, Cederberg Map - Cederberg Formation
Ceres Subgroup Very high Cape, Bokkeveld, Ceres, Boplaas (Db), Tra Tra (Dt), Hexrivier (Dh), Voorstehoek (Dv), Gamka (Dga), Gydo (Dg) Map - Ceres Subgroup
Chobeni Formation Moderate Pongola, Nsuze
Chuniespoort Group High Transvaal, Chuniespoort, Malmani, Frisco, Eccles, Lyttelton, Monte Christo, Oaktree Map - Chuniespoort Group
Clarens Formation High Karoo, Stormberg, Clarens Map - Clarens Formation
Coastal-Marine Cretaceous Outliers Very high Igoda, Mzamba (Kmz), Mbotyi (Kmb), Mngazana (Kmg)
Cornelia Formation Very high
Daspoort Formation High Transvaal, Pretoria Map - Daspoort Formation
Deutschland Formation Low Transvaal, Chuniespoort, Duitschland Map - Deutschland Formation
Dominion Group Insignificant or Zero Dominion
Drakensberg Group Low Karoo, Drakensberg Map - Drakensberg Group
Dwaalheuwel Formation Low Transvaal, Pretoria Map - Dwaalheuwel Formation
Dwyka Group Low Karoo, Dwyka, Elandsvlei, Red Dwyka, Msikaba Map - Dwyka Group
Ecca Group Moderate Karoo, Ecca, Collingham, Fort Brown, Kookfontein, Laingsburg, Ripon, Skoorsteenberg, Tierberg, Vischkuil, Waterford
Edenville Formation Insignificant or Zero Ventersdorp, Klipriviersberg Group, Edenville Map - Edenville Formation
Eendragtpan Formation Low Karoo Map - Eendragtpan Formation
Elliot Formation Very high Karoo, Stormberg, Elliot Map - Elliot Formation
Emakwazini Formation Very high Karoo, Beaufort, Adelaide Map - Emakwazini Formation
Enon Formation Low Algoa Basin, Uitenhage, Enon (Je) Map - Enon Formation
Estcourt Formation Very high Karoo, Beaufort, Adelaide Map - Estcourt Formation
Fenda Formation Insignificant or Zero Map - Fenda Formation
Flaminkberg Formation Moderate Nama & Vanrhynsdorp, Kwanous, Flaminkberg (Nfl) Map - Flaminkberg Formation
Fripp Formation Very high Karoo Map - Fripp Formation
Gamtoos Group Low Gamtoos, Van Stadens, Kleinrivier, Kaan, Lime Bank Map - Gamtoos Group
Gariep Supergroup Low Gariep, Port Nolloth, Numees, Holgat, Hilda, Dabie river, Pickelhaube, Wallekraal, Kaigas, Stinkfontein, Vredefontein, Lekkersing, Gifberg, Bloupoort, Aties, Widouw, Karoetjes Kop, Oranjemund, Grootderm Map - Gariep Supergroup



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