Changes to SAHRIS!

The South African Heritage Resources Information System (SAHRIS) has undergone a generational upgrade and restructure. These changes to the site include, but are not limited to:

  • A new & modernised look and layout
  • Improved site usage flows with respect to applications and content creation
  • Improved site performance and stability

Launch for the new version of SAHRIS occurred onĀ Monday the 30th of October 2023.

The new site can be found here:


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Code ClassifiedName ObjectCommonName SiteReference Object Material Type ObjectImages
MA 1942-256 (J) Tanged metal arrow
MA 1948-6 (L) Tanged metal insert
MA 1948-61(1) Tanged metal arrow
MA 1965-3876 Tanged metal arrow
MA 4139 (K) Tanged metal arrow
MA1967-709 Khaki tunic with war drawings
MA1972-606 Plate
MA1994-211 1976 mortuary register with entry for Hector Pietersen, art work by Kendell Geers 1976 mortuary register cover
MA2007_11782 Apartheid Sign Board Zinc
MA2016_106 Apartheid Sign Board Wood
MA2016_107 Apartheid Sign Board Zinc
MA2016_108 Apartheid Sign Board Zinc
MA2016_109A Apartheid Sign Board Zinc
MA2016_109B Apartheid Sign Board Zinc
MA2016_110 Apartheid Sign Board Zinc
MA2016_111 Apartheid Sign Board Zinc
MA2016_112 Apartheid Sign Board Wood
MA2016_113 Apartheid Sign Board Zinc
MA2016_114 Apartheid Sign Board Wood
MA2016_116 Apartheid Bench Wood
MA2318 A Boers' House Paper
MA2319 Halt of a Boers family Paper
MM 1-67-600 Bone point arrow
MM 40-69-2235 Tanged metal arrow
MM 40-69-2607 Poison applicator
MM 40-69-2805 Poison applicator
MM 40-69-357 Bone point arrow
MM 40-69-445 Tanged metal arrow
MM 40-69-458 Tanged metal arrow

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