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Changes to SAHRIS!

The South African Heritage Resources Information System (SAHRIS) has undergone a generational upgrade and restructure. These changes to the site include, but are not limited to:

  • A new & modernised look and layout
  • Improved site usage flows with respect to applications and content creation
  • Improved site performance and stability

Launch for the new version of SAHRIS occurred on Monday the 30th of October 2023.

The new site can be found here:


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HMP: Sannaspos PV
HIA: Woodhouse PV 1 and 2 Grid Connection
HIA: South 32 Wessels Railway Upgrade
Heritage Screener: Ingquza Hill Roads Upgrade
HIA: SKA Fibre Optic Cable
Heritage Screener: PG Bison, Mkhondo plant
HIA: Rondavel PV EGI
HIA: Modderfontein WEF Amendment
Heritage Walkdown Report & Supporting Letter
Heritage Walkdown Report & Supporting Letter
Palaeontology Resources Map
Heritage Walkdown Report
Heritage Screener: Grootpoort OHL
Heritage Screener: Sonvanger Powerline
Heritage Screener: Spreeukloof WEF
Heritage Screener: Malabar WEF
Heritage Screener: Loperberg WEF
Heritage Screener: Kudu Power Station
Heritage Screener: Gromis Substation
HIA: Northam Mine PV
Heritage Conservation Plan
Heritage Conservation Management Plan
Heritage Screener: Swartbooisberg PV
Heritage Screener: Noblesfontein WEF Amendment
Eland Palaeontological Desktop Assessment
Nyala Palaeontological Desktop Assessment
Langaville Ext 12 Sewer and Water
Heritage Supplementary Letter 2021
Heritage Supplementary Letter 2021
HIA: Rondavel Solar Energy Facilties
PIA: Vrede and Rondavel Solar Energy Facilities
AIA: Vrede and Rondavel Solar Energy Facilities
HIA: Vrede Solar Energy Facilities
Heritage Screener: Modderfontein Amendment
HIA: Kotula Tsatsi PV 1
AIA: Kotula Tsatsi PV Projects
Heritage Screener: Erf 202, Langa
Heritage Screener: Rondavel PV
Heritage Screener: Vrede PV
Heritage Screening Assessment: Richards Bay Powerline
Oya WEF Walkdown Report
Heritage Screening Assessment: Oya OHL
Heritage Screener: Great Karoo OHL
HERITAGE IMPACT ASSESSMENT:f McTaggarts PV1, a solar PV facility and associated infrastructure on Portion 3 of the Farm McTaggarts Camp 453 and Portion 12 of the Farm Klip Punt 452, near Upington in the Northern Cape Province.
Lichtenburg 3 PV Amendment to Environmental Authorisation
Lichtenburg 1 PV Amendment to Environmental Authorisation
Heritage Screener: Gunstfontein BESS



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