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CMP_Mosselbaai_Natuurreservaat_Nilssen_PJ_Apr99 29/04/1999 PDF icon CMP_Mosselbaai_Natuurreservaat_Nilssen_PJ_Apr99_0.pdf
Other_Paapenkuil_Fontein_Nilssen_PJ_Jan50 20/08/2012 PDF icon Paapenkuil Fontein Notes.pdf, PDF icon Report Figures 1-2 & Plates 1 - 5.pdf, PDF icon Report Plates 6 - .pdf
Permit_MAP-report_Nilssen_PJ_Mar02 01/03/2002 PDF icon Final Report 2002.pdf
Permit_Pinnacle_Phytolith_Nilssen_PJ_Apr07 01/04/2007
Permit_pinnacle_point_13b_Marean_CW_Jul05 01/07/2005
Permit_Pinnacle_Speleothem_Nilssen_PJ_Apr07 01/04/2007
Permit_St_Francis_Golf_Estate_Phase_2_Nilssen_PJ_Aug03 20/08/2003 PDF icon Permit_St_Francis_Golf_Estate_Phase_2_Nilssen_PJ_Aug03_0.pdf
Permit_St_Francis_Links_Progress_Nilssen_PJ_Jul09 06/07/2009 PDF icon St Francis Links Progress.pdf
Permit_StairCape Archaeological Survey CCe_Cave_Nilssen_PJ_Oct07 10/01/2007
Permit_Uitkomst_23_ptn_37_Shell_Yates_R_Sep06 01/09/2006 PDF icon 9-2-101-0013-20060901-MAPCRM_0.pdf
Permit_Uitkomst_23_ptn_37_TP13_Yates_R_Sep06 27/09/2006
Plan8 Wind Energy Facility Grahamstown Archaeology 15/11/2011 PDF icon revised. Scoping Archaeological Impact Assessment - Grahamstown 80MW wind farm - CES.pdf
HIA Kwartelspan PV 1 02/07/2012 PDF icon APP D3b AIA.pdf
Gibson Bay Powerline Heritage / Archaeological Impact Assessment 13/09/2013 PDF icon Heritage / Archaeological Impact Assessment, PDF icon Draft Basic Assessment Report
AIA - Deo Gloria 06/12/2012 PDF icon FINAL AIA - Proposed Deo Gloria Bulk Water Supply Line & Reservoir.pdf, PDF icon 3 supporting letter re alternative crossing of N10 for Proposed Deo Gloria Bulk Water Supply Line Reservoir.pdf
Scoping Phase Archaeological Assessment 25/08/2014 PDF icon Scoping Archaeological Impact Assessment - Proposed Joram Solar on Farm Vryheid No 40 - PERCEPTION.pdf
Archaeological Impact Assessment - Joram Solar 11/12/2014 PDF icon Appendix D4 Archaeological Impact Assessment.pdf
Proposed Upgrade of the Laingsburg Water Supply Pipeline 18/04/2012 PDF icon CASE 1830 Statement to Accompany HWC NID form - Proposed Upgrade of the Laingsburg Water Supply Pipeline.pdf
Proposed Midbrak Main Sewer Pipeline, Great Brak River, Mossel Bay 05/03/2012 PDF icon CASE 1768 Appendix G2 Heritage Statement.pdf
Proposed Construction of a Dwelling on Erf 569, Keurbaai 19/03/2010 PDF icon CASE 1751 Heritage Statement 3.7 AppG - Specialist Input.pdf
Proposed construction of access road, dam, shed and dwelling on Farm 560, Plettenberg Bay 06/02/2012 PDF icon CASE 1752 Heritage Statement - Proposed development on Farm 560 - Plettenberg Bay - bluepebble.pdf
AIA Proposed Upgrade of the Mossel Bay Point on Erven 3419 05/06/2012 PDF icon CASE 1767 AIA Annexure 7 - Archaeological Impact Assessment.pdf
Integrated HIA: Proposed Ephraim Sun Solar PV Development 20/10/2015 PDF icon Annexure 1 - Phase 1a Archaeological Impact Assessment.pdf, PDF icon Annexure 3 - Ephraim Sun PV Visual Impact Report - October 2015.pdf, PDF icon Annexure 2 - Palaeontology Desktop Assessment.pdf, PDF icon Integrated HIA - Proposed Ephraim Sun - 5 November 2015.pdf
Oyster Bay Wind Farm Micrositing 12/01/2016
AIA: Proposed residential development, Portion 52 Kraaibosch Farm 195, George, Western Cape Province 15/03/2011 PDF icon AIA - Portion 52 Kraaibosch Farm 195 - Cape EAPrac.pdf
HIA: Proposed Wildlife Sanctuary (Puzzle Park) on Remainder of Farm Oakhill 479, Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape Province 14/05/2012 PDF icon CASE 1791.pdf
AIA: Sedgefield Water Supply Augmentation Scheme 05/11/2009 PDF icon AIA - Sedgefield Water Supply Augmentation Scheme - Cape EAPRAC.pdf
AEP KATHU SOLAR PV ENERGY FACILITY 23/05/2016 PDF icon Final Integrated HIA - Proposed Kathu Solar - 23 May 2016.pdf, PDF icon Annexure 1 - DSR Tech Layout Dev Report Kathu_Rev 2 DEIR.PDF, PDF icon Annexure 2 - SDP v5 Preferred Alternative.pdf, PDF icon Annexure 3 - AEP Kathu PVSEF VIA.pdf, PDF icon Annexure 4 - Final Phase 1a Archaeological Impact Assessment - Kathu.pdf, PDF icon Annexure 5 - Kathu AEP Solar PIA Nov 2015.pdf
AIA: Merweville Waste Water Treatment Works, Central Karoo 27/01/2010 PDF icon Archaeological Impact Report
AIA Desktop: Proposed Beaufort West N1 Wind Energy Farm 07/06/2010 PDF icon _Archaeological_Scoping_Study_-_Beaufort_West_Wind_Farm_-__CapeEAPrac.doc_.pdf
Scoping AIA, Droerivier Solar Facility, Beaufort West 15/09/2014 PDF icon DROERIVIER SOLAR Annexure 3 - Scoping AIA.pdf
Scoping AIA, Beaufort West Photovoltaic Power Station (Solar), Kuilspoort 25/05/2011 PDF icon KUILSPOORT Annexure D3 - Archaeological Scoping Report.pdf
HIA; Residential Development - Matjiesfontein 01/02/2014 PDF icon MATJIESFONTEIN 304 Appendix 3 - Phase 1a Archaeological Impact Assessment - Natures Path Lifestyle Village - ptn 9&10 Farm 304.pdf, PDF icon MATJIESFONTEIN 304 Appendix 4 - PIA Natures Path (J Pether).pdf, PDF icon MATJIESFONTEIN 304 FINAL HERITAGE IMPACT ASSESSMENT WITH INTEGRATED SET OF RECOMMENDATIONS.pdf
HIA; Construction of a First Aid Room 20/04/2011 PDF icon PLETT ERF 155 3.7 AppG - HIA.pdf
HIA; Proposed Construction of a Dwelling - Eden 31/01/2012 PDF icon PLETT ERF 569 3. Heritage Statement - New residential dwelling - Keurbaai.pdf
AIA; Proposed Development of the Mossel Bay Wind Farm 15/04/2012 PDF icon FARMS WELBEDACHT AND BERGSIG WEF Scoping Archaeological Impact Assessment - Mossel Bay Wind Farm - CES.pdf
AIA: Proposed Development of Droeriver Solar Facility, Weltevreden 15/09/2014 PDF icon DROERIVIER SOLAR Annexure 3 - Scoping AIA.pdf
HIA; Beaufort West Photovoltaic Park 01/06/2011 PDF icon KUILSPOORT Annexure D2 - Heritage Statement.pdf, PDF icon KUILSPOORT Annexure D3 - Archaeological Scoping Report.pdf, PDF icon KUILSPOORT Annexure D4 - Palaeontological Scoping Report.pdf, PDF icon KUILSPOORT Final N1 Photovoltaic HIA report HWC.pdf
Impofu North Archaeology 04/06/2018 PDF icon E8_Archaeology Report_Impofu North.pdf
Archaeological Impact Assessment 22/06/2018 PDF icon E8_Archeology Report_Impofu East.pdf
Archaeological Report 02/07/2018 PDF icon E8_Archaeology Report_Impofu West.pdf
Archaeology Impact Assessment Gaetsewe Solar 30/07/2018 PDF icon Phase 1a AIA - Gaetsewe Solar - Northern Cape - AEP - CapeEAPrac - V2.pdf
Archaeology Impact Assessment Report - Mogara Solar 30/11/2018 PDF icon Appendix E4 Archaeology Impact Assessment.pdf
Archaeological Impact Assessment Grid conection 21/08/2019 PDF icon 6. Impofu Grid Connection_ Rev Archaeology Report.pdf
Phase 1a AIA Extension of Electrical Grid Corridor Impofu Wind Farms 22/06/2021 PDF icon 4.6 DBAR Impofu Elec Grid Ext App 3.6 Archaeological Assessment.pdf
Phase 1a AIA BESS Impofu Wind Farms 14/06/2021 PDF icon Phase 1a AIA BESS Impofu Wind Farms



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