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CaseID CaseReference ApplicationDate Status
4237 excavation of an area of ground outside the walled cemetery site at Rustenberg 30/05/2008 Closed (Approved)
5678 excavation of human remains at St Helena Bay Fishing 15/10/2004 Closed (Approved)
5633 monitoring of the initial ground moving phase of development and exhumation of in situ human remains 30/07/2004 Closed (Approved)
2753 Excavation at East Fort, Wynberg 18/03/2005 Closed (Approved)
2991 Excavation at open space erven 731, 9563, 739, 737 Cape Town 22/09/2005 Closed (Approved)
2006 Excavation of Human remains erf 172912 at Green Point, Cape Town (Vasco Tavern) 15/04/2013 Returned to Applicant
5542 excavation, defacement, disturbance, removal from its original position, collection, use of excavation equipment, destruction and damage at The Granary 23/04/2004 Closed (Approved)
3361 excavations where the Electricity Department intends to lay new electricity cables 25/04/2006 Closed (Approved)
4144 exhumation of burials at the Odyssey development 03/03/2008 Closed (Approved)
5514 exhumations and reinterment of approximately 50 graves 06/05/2005 Closed (Approved)
215 Klapmuts Hills Residential Development 11/07/2012 Decision Passed
8391 La Motte Franschhoek - cemetery 07/09/2015 Closed (Approved)
3004 monitoring of all earth moving on site and excavation of test pits at 1 Highfield Street 22/08/2005 Closed (Approved)
8275 Monitoring of Electrical services excavations, Chiapinni Street 17/08/2015 Closed (Approved)
5486 rescue exhumation of human skeletal remains at Prestwich Place 05/05/2003 Closed (Approved)
3642 shovel testing of proposed site for building development at the Farm Duynefontein 34 04/12/2005 Closed (Approved)
3639 shovel testing on Erf 1559, Green Point 08/02/2006 Closed (Approved)
3637 shovel testing on Erf 46954, Rondebosch 08/02/2006 Closed (Approved)
5433 test excavations to verify and ascertain the presence and the extent of potential archaeological deposits in the project area 20/04/2011 Closed (Approved)
5019 Test excavations to verify the presence and the extent of potential archaeological deposits in the project area 20/05/2011 Closed (Approved)
2999 test pits to be excavated for demolition on site, De Waterkant 22/08/2005 Closed (Approved)
1500 Trial Excavations at Lutheran & Roman Catholic Cemeteries 05/02/2013 Closed (Approved)
3344 trial excavations to ascertain the presence of human remains 19/05/2006 Closed (Approved)

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