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ReportRef ReportDate ReportFile
AIA_William_Nicol_Borrow_Pit_Fourie_W_Jul08 22/07/2008 PDF icon Proposed Borrow Pits - William Nicol.pdf
AIA_Wits_Medical_Centre_Fourie_W_Feb08 12/02/2008 PDF icon AIA_Wits_Medical_Centre_Fourie_W_Feb08_0.pdf
AIA_Wonderfontein_Spruit_Water_Fourie_W_Apr06 25/04/2006 PDF icon AIA_Wonderfontein_Spruit_Water_Fourie_W_Apr06_0.pdf
AIA_Wysfontein_427_JP_Fourie_W_Nov07 09/11/2007 PDF icon Ingwe Eco Estate AIA - Final.pdf
AIA_Zondagsfontein_Substation_Fourie_W_Feb08 29/02/2008 PDF icon Zondagsfontein Powerline AIA.pdf
HIA_Buffelspoort_343_JQ_ptn_35_Fourie_W_Mar09 12/03/2009 PDF icon PGS - HU - DWA - Royalty Fair Project - AIA - Final.pdf
HIA_Dev_on_erf_8398_Fourie_W_Dec09 01/12/2009 PDF icon HIA_Dev_on_erf_8398_Fourie_W_Dec09_0.pdf
HIA_Hartebeesfontein_445_JQ_Fourie_W_Nov08 01/11/2008 PDF icon HIA_Hartebeesfontein_445_JQ_Fourie_W_Nov08_0.pdf
HIA_Klaarstroom_267_JP_Fourie_W_Oct08 01/10/2008 PDF icon Klaarstroom Broiler - HA.pdf
HIA_Kongoni_311_Fourie_W_Feb10 08/02/2010 PDF icon HIA_Kongoni_311_Fourie_W_Feb10_0.pdf
HIA_Kongoni_Mining_HIA_Fourie_W_Feb10 16/02/2010
HIA_Lady_Slipper_Estate_Fourie_W_Dec11 08/12/2011 PDF icon HIA_Lady_Slipper_Estate_Fourie_W_Dec11_0.pdf
HIA_Modderfontein_Mines_Fourie_W_Jun02 01/06/2002 PDF icon HIA_Modderfontein_Mines_Fourie_W_Jun02_0.pdf
Permit_Browns_Hill_Fourie_W_Jun08 02/06/2008
Permit_Eden_Park_Steyn_H_Nov06 09/11/2006
Permit_Gardener_Ross_Estate_Fourie_W_Apr04 28/04/2004 PDF icon Permit_Gardener_Ross_Estate_Fourie_W_Apr04_0.pdf
Permit_Gardener_Ross_Estate_Fourie_W_Jun05 01/06/2005 PDF icon Permit_Gardener_Ross_Estate_Fourie_W_Jun05_0.pdf
Permit_Hammanskraal_Fourie_W_Apr05 29/04/2005 PDF icon Permit_Hammanskraal_Fourie_W_Apr05_0.pdf
Permit_King_Michael_Fourie_W_Jun05 03/06/2005
Permit_Knoppieslaagte_Boeyens_JCA_Jan05 19/01/2005 PDF icon Permit_Knoppieslaagte_Boeyens_JCA_Jan05_0.pdf
Permit_Optimum_Graves_Steyn_HS_Nov06 24/11/2006
Tselentis Colliery 21/06/2012 PDF icon PGS - HIA - Lilliput Ramp 9 - Final Document 14032012.pdf
Misgund Interchange 21/05/2012 PDF icon Misgund Mitigation PGS01 - Backing document for destruction permit - 21 May 2012.pdf
Lusikisiki SAPS 02/12/2011 PDF icon AIA_Lusikisiki_SAPS_Fourie_W_Dec11_0.pdf
HIA Droogfontein 16/05/2012 PDF icon Heritage.pdf
HIA De Aar 2025 13/04/2012 PDF icon Heritage Assessment (2).pdf
HIA Droogfontein 3 16/05/2012 PDF icon Heritage (1).pdf
HIA P12 Borrow Pits 25/04/2012
GL21009-RW-B19 Pipeline 22/11/2011 PDF icon Greenline - Heritage RW B19 20111122.pdf
GL21009-RW-VG Residue Line 22/11/2012 PDF icon Greenline - Heritage VG Residue Line 20111122.pdf
HIA Arriesfontein 10/05/2012 PDF icon HIA Arriesfontein.pdf
HIA P12 Borrow Pits 25/04/2012 PDF icon P12 2 Borrow Pits HIA.pdf
HIA - Mgwali South Water Supply 27/07/2012 PDF icon HIA - Mgwali South reticulation project - THM -27072012-final.pdf
HIA - Redstone 132kv Power Line and Switchyard 13/09/2012 PDF icon HIA Report - Proposed Construction of 132kv Power Line and Switchyard Associated with the Redstone Solar Thermal Energy Plant in
HIA - NGWENYA MINING AND EXPLORATION 28/08/2012 PDF icon PGS - Heritage Scoping Assessment - Ngewnya Mining - Macama.pdf
HIA - Vlakvarkfontein Colliery 10/05/2011 PDF icon Vlakvarkfontein Phase I HIA- Final 13 May 2011.pdf
Renosterberg - RWEC - Windfarm - Heritage Scoping 10/10/2012 PDF icon PGS - Renosterberg Wind farm - Heritage Scoping - Updated 10102012_ST.pdf
Renosterberg - RWEC - PV Facility - Heritage Scoping 10/10/2012 PDF icon PGS - Renosterberg PV - Heritage Scoping - Updated 10102012_ST.pdf
UNI605_KANGALA COAL AIA 12/11/2009 PDF icon UNI 605 Archaeology Report (12.11.2009).pdf
Thabazimbi Mostert Tunnel Cave Archaeology 15/08/2012 PDF icon HIA - Kumba Mostert Tunnel Cave -Shangoni -15082012 - Report to be submitted to SAHRA - 13 September 2012.pdf
HIA - 132kV transmission lines from the South & North Wind Energy Facilities on the Eastern Plateau (De Aar 2) 10/01/2013 PDF icon Main HIA Report, PDF icon Addendum on the new alignment
HIA - 132kV transmission lines from the Maanhaarberg and Damfontein Wind Energy Facilities (De Aar 1) 10/01/2013 PDF icon D6a_DA1 Heritage Report.pdf, PDF icon D6b_DA1_Addendum Heritage Report.pdf
HIA - Addendum -132kV transmission lines (De Aar 1) 10/01/2013 PDF icon D6b_DA1_Addendum Heritage Report.pdf
HIA - 132kV transmission lines (De Aar 2) project 10/01/2013 PDF icon D6a_DA2 Heritage Report.pdf
HIA - Addendum - 132kV transmission lines (De Aar 2) project 10/01/2013 PDF icon D6b_DA2_Addendum Heritage Report.pdf
Postmasburg Power Line 22/03/2012
Statement Maanhaarberg-Damfontein homesteads 14/02/2013 PDF icon 14 Feb 2013 - PGS - SAHRA -Additional information - Maanhaarberg 132kV.pdf
HIA Report 15/09/2011 PDF icon PGS Heritage Site Assessment Report, PDF icon Cover Letter regarding HIA Study
Thaba sione HIA 22/08/2012 PDF icon PGS - Heritage Scoping Assessment - GI RENEWABLES - Thaba-sione .pdf, PDF icon PGS - Heritage Impact Assessment - GI RENEWABLES - Thaba-sione -Final.pdf
Logagane HIA 08/05/2012 PDF icon PGS - Heritage Scoping Assessment - GI RENEWABLES - Logagane rev1.pdf, PDF icon Ammended report after SAHRA comments



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