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The building known as The Old Granary was constructed in the early 1800’s and is, in part, the work of recognised master craftsmen of the time, one being sculptor Anton Anreith who was responsible for the pediment and statues of Neptune and Britannia. The front portion of the building contains elements of major architectural and aesthetic significance.

The property represents a rare historical record of largely undisturbed development and use over a major length of time where it served initially as a dwelling house after which it was purchased by the British colonial government for use as a Customs House, probably because of its proximity to the Castle, where the original customs house was located. Subsequently the use was changed to that of a Granary or grain store.

Situated next to the original justicie plaats the property also has great historical significance associated with the enforcement of public order in a predominantly colonialist era of government where it served as both a Magistrate’s Court and a prison (House of Correction) for women. The Old Granary complex is regarded as an important complex of buildings of the colonial period in the Province, in terms of both architectural
and social significance.

SignificanceCategory SphereofSignificance LevelOfSignificance
Creative, Design or Artistic Excellence Provincial High
Sense of place Provincial High



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