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History: “Sea Fever” is a pleasant seaside cottage on the mountain side of St. James Main Road. The cottage features a double hipped thatched roof with two dormer windows facing the sea. The high stoep is covered with a corrugated iron verandah and enclosed with glass panels. The enclosure is relatively modern. The interior of the house has been tastefully converted for modern living and appears to have had a previous conversion early in this century as the staircase and certain other internal features are Edwardian in origin. The sitting room retains its Oregon beams with c.I900 mouldings and the dining-room have yellowwood beams. The roof space is utilised for bedrooms and the roof construction appears to be original. The kitchen contains a clear perspex panel, behind which is shown the rubble construction of the original cottage.
From the evidence revealed by the perspex panel in the kitchen of “Sea Fever” it is believed that the original cottage could date from the days when the area was a whaling station c1795. Villa Capri, the original whaling station is only one house sway and it is therefore likely that the cottage is contemporary with the whaling station.
“Sea Fever” is one of the more picturesque buildings on the Main Road leading from Muizenberg and contributes immensely to the environmental quality of the surrounding area.
Visual Description:
Site Features: Timber fence on street boundary
Condition: Good
Construction Date:
Materials: Thatch on plastered brick
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