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ObjectCode ObjectCommonName ObjectImages
P1 Compensating Beam
P3 Spring Hanger
P4 Piece extension
P10 Brake Shoe - locomotive
P11 Safety Bracket
P13 Bush Rod Connecting
P14 Bush Rod big end
P15 Bush Rod Coupling
P21 Liner Pivot centre
P24 Barrel GI 6"
P25 6" GI Couipling straight
P26 6" Gi coupling elbow
P27 Donkey shaker
P28 Pin , Gudgear
P30 Bracket/ lubricating 25 Class
P32 Rocker 24 Class
P34 Valve , bypass
P36 Unknown
P37 Cover ,Piston gland
P38 Adapter, sleeve bearing
P39 Bushing rings-shaker
P49 Pinch bar
P50 Threaded rod
P51 Bearing cover
P53 Slipper
P54 Reverser rbacket lever
P56 Cylinder
P57 Guide coupler
P58 Hanger spring
P62 Crank shaft mechanical
P63 Rocker
P64 Saddle
P65 Support
P66 Unknown
P67 Shoe Sliding
P68 Unknown
P69 Unknown
P70 Unknown
P71 Bracket angle
P72 Guide Axle box
P73 Turnbuckle
P74 Liner Pivot centre
P76 Plate
P78 Pin straight headed
P82 Unknown
P82.1 Unknown
P83 Unknown
P84 Alignment clip leaf
P86 Spring Helical -various



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