Export of agate, enamel and shell for dating







Monday, August 13, 2018 to Saturday, August 31, 2019




This permit is issued to Dr Lucinda Blackwell for the permanent export of four (4) agate pieces, 11 fragmentary bovid and equid teeth and 22 fragmentary Achitina shells, from Border Cave (Kwa-Zulu Nayal) for ESR dating and thermoluminescence (TL) dating. It is noted that the analysis will be conducted by Dr Chantal Tribolo, IRAMAT, University of Bordeaux-Montaigne. 


  1. The objects or specimens must be clearly marked with accession numbers.
  2. The material must be carefully packed and all packaging must be clearly marked with the accession numbers, the name of the site, and the name and address of the permit holder or the Evolutionary Studies Institute, WITS. 
  3. The material must be hand carried or sent via a reputable professional courier service unless written instructions to the contrary have been received from the repository,  the Evolutionary Studies Institute, WITS.
  4. The samples must be kept for study purposes only, and may not be sold or exchanged.
  5. The material may not be loaned to any person or institution other than to Dr Chantal Tribolo, IRAMAT, University of Bordeaux-Montaigne.  without the consent of SAHRA.
  6. SAHRA must be notified in writing of the return of the material, and a report on the activities undertaken in terms of this permit must be lodged with SAHRA before 31  August 2019.
  7. Copies of any papers that may result from the export of the material must be lodged with SAHRA. A report must be submitted to SAHRA on or before 31 August 2019.
  8. SAHRA shall not be liable for any losses, damages or injuries to persons or properties as a result of any activities in connection with this permit.
  9. SAHRA reserves the right to cancel this permit by notice to the permit holder.



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