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Friday, August 26, 2011


Ratelgat, Farm Luiperskop 1697, Vanrhynsdorp District, has an inalienable link to the history of the Griqua nation and, by this association, is probably the most important site and strongest tangible symbol of this people who have, through their tenacity and never-say-die attitude, were the first frontiersmen, and resisted the forces of radical displacement, colonialism, apartheid and the many natural and other unnatural iniquities to maintain their identity and to forge their dynamic culture so that it survives until today.

It is the site where Paramount Chief AAS le Fleur I, reverently known as the Kneg, lived until a few years before his death. It was the place where he would go on a spiritual retreat in order to communicate with God and receive his many visions and revelations that would result in the many prophecies that have become an integral part of Griqua folklore. Many of these prophecies have, indeed, been fulfilled.



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