Third Extention of Permit 2655: Temporary Export of 8 objects from the Robben Island Museum for Exhibition at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg, Canada






Tuesday, November 30, 2021 to Monday, January 30, 2023




This permit is a third extension to permit 2655.
All conditions issued under permit 2655 remain valid except for the following changes:
1. The material may be loaned from the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg, Canada to the following institutions:
  • 2022/01 - 2022/11: Canadian Museum of Immigration, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

2. The material shall be returned to South Africa on or before 01 February 2023 at the expense of the party referred to in the Loan Agreement.
3. SAHRA must be notified in writing of the return of the material, and a report on the activities undertaken in terms of this permit must be lodged with SAHRA before 31 March 2023.
4. Copies of all papers or publications resulting from this permit must be lodged with SAHRA.
5. Terms of the Loan Agreement may not be changed after the permit is issued without the consent of SAHRA.
6. SAHRA shall not be liable for any losses, damages or injuries to persons or properties as a result of any activities in connection with this permit.
7. SAHRA reserves the right to cancel this permit by notice to the permit holder.

PDF of Permit: 


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