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Saturday, January 1, 2005


Not sure when grading took place but it was identified back in the 1990s as a future National Monument, then taken in as a Provincial Heritage Site after the NHRA came into place.


A range of heritage resources of high significance is located on Baboon Point. The heritage significance of Baboon Point is particularly high in terms of the scientific value of archaeological and palaeontological sites that contribute to a wider understanding of southern African indigenous cultural history, local past environment and identification of original animal populations and their changes through time. Its aesthetic value also ranks high due to its almost unparalleled landmark qualities and by its role in defining important elements of the West Coast landscape character. The historical significance of Baboon Point is not only highlighted by the cultural sequence encapsulated in a number of ancient archaeological sites, but also by several World War 2 Radar station buildings. These structures are the testimony of South Africa’s role in a global historic event. These buildings also have a particular association with important social developments in South Africa as a result of the institutionalised Apartheid system, namely their use to house migrant labourers serving the local fishing industry. The high degree of significance of Baboon Point is also supported by the presence of rare and/or endangered aspects of natural and cultural heritage.



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