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CaseID CaseReference ApplicationDate Status
4022 temporary export of 1 Ornithischian dinosaur surangular 12/06/2007 Closed (Approved)
4901 temporary export of 16 fragments of sandstone flakes with pigments 07/05/2010 Closed (Approved)
5135 temporary export of 7 fragments of microfauna 23/02/2011 Closed (Approved)
4555 temporary export of a Nanoparia skull 08/05/2009 Closed (Approved)
5214 temporary export of a Proterosuchus skull 08/06/2011 Closed (Approved)
4874 temporary export of Cercopithecidae post-crania 09/03/2010 Closed (Approved)
5202 temporary export of dental microstructure of both early Homo and Paranthropus 20/05/2011 Closed (Approved)
4098 temporary export of eleven possible bone tools from Drimolen fossil hominid site 01/11/2008 Closed (Approved)
4771 temporary export of partial hominin from Malapa 14/12/2009 Closed (Approved)
4952 temporary export of Prolacerta & Proterosuchus 16/07/2010 Closed (Approved)
4534 temporary export of the partial skeleton of a juvenile crocodiliform and Theropod post-cranial elements 10/02/2009 Closed (Approved)
4431 excavation of a new fossil-bearing cave of Plio-Pleistocene age at the police shooting range near Vlakplaas 12/12/2008 Closed (Approved)
3949 export of 11 molars from baboon and extinct pig 08/01/2007 Closed (Approved)
3966 export of Palacrodon jaw x 2 fragments and Nanoparia skull, 05/03/2007 Closed (Approved)
5822 Kevin Rey therapsid samples 09/06/2014 Decision Passed
1545 Palynology Export Permit_Germany 12/02/2013 Returned to Applicant
9298 South Africa exhibition, BMNH Makapan Pebble 22/03/2016 DRAFT
5290 temporary export of a hominin tooth from MH1 14/09/2011 Closed (Approved)
5325 temporary export of a large number of Archosauriform Karoo fossils 13/04/2012 Closed (Approved)
4800 temporary export of Aardonyx, a new dinosaur skeleton 03/02/2010 Closed (Approved)
4772 temporary export of bovid maxilla from the new Malapa site 14/12/2009 Closed (Approved)
5436 Temporary export of dental microstructure of both early Homo and Paranthropus 20/05/2011 Closed (Approved)
4737 temporary export of dinosaur eggs with embryo in matrix and a Massospondylus skull 20/11/2009 Closed (Approved)
4179 temporary export of fossiliferous breccia from Coopers Cave 21/03/2008 Closed (Approved)
4396 Temporary export of fragmentary dentition from Sterkfontein and Drimolen 15/10/2008 Closed (Approved)
600 Temporary export of the right hemi mandible of MH1 01/10/2012 Closed (Approved)
5141 temporary export of Thrinaxodon and Procolophonid 04/02/2011 Closed (Approved)
5216 temporary export of Trinaxodon and Broomistega 08/06/2011 Closed (Approved)
5217 temporary export of Trinaxodon and Broomistega 08/06/2011 Closed (Approved)
4660 temporary export of unsorted matrix from strata at Driefontein 06/07/2009 Closed (Approved)
5169 temporary export of Youngina capensis skull, Youngina sp. Skull and Prolacerta skull 12/04/2011 Closed (Approved)
9636 Tobias Cave and Plover's LakeC14 26/05/2016 DRAFT

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