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CaseID CaseReference ApplicationDate Status
12181 Request for a comment, for the intended disposal of Side Door Suburban, 2nd Class Coach 06/02/2018 Closed (Approved)
8790 Request for enlarging space on power house wall to allow radiator penetrations for generator installations 23/11/2015 Decision Passed
4064 rescue and relocation of an unknown grave (SCH1) 07/01/2008 Closed (Approved)
4259 rescue excavation of archaeological human skeletal remains at Klipgat Police Station 05/05/2008 Closed (Approved)
4009 rescue excavation of a historical midden threatened by development at the Bryntirion Estate 11/05/2007 Closed (Approved)
4003 rescue excavation of the grave of Rose Matenche on the farm Roosenekal 04/05/2007 Closed (Approved)
5618 rescue exhumation and re-interment of a burial at Xawela Village 16/09/2004 Closed (Approved)
3315 rescue of a burial found on private property at Lerome South, near Sun City 03/03/2006 Closed (Approved)
4276 rescue of a Khoisan burial discovered during the trenching excavations at erf 1990, Cockle Street 20/05/2008 Closed (Approved)
4386 rescue of burials in the Emfuleni municipal area (Thembisa) 12/08/2008 Closed (Approved)
3562 rescue of human remains eroding in an old road at Ga-Chuene village 06/11/2006 Closed (Approved)
5476 rescue of human skeletal material exposed at Swartriet 10/01/2003 Closed (Approved)
4000 rescue of human skeletal remains in one of Kelgran Granite’s quarries (RIB) operating in Marikana 14/05/2007 Closed (Approved)
3274 restoration of an ironstone sarcophagus at Buffelshoop 17/02/2006 Closed (Approved)
1426 Salt Mining Right on Farm Eenzaamheid No. 626 29/01/2013 Closed (Approved)
4956 sampling of a Middle Stone Age scatter 05/11/2010 Closed (Approved)
3581 sampling of stone tools dating in the new Modikwa South Shaft 3 project area at Modikwa Platinum Mine 06/11/2006 Closed (Approved)
3580 sampling of stone tools dating in the proposed new Lannex North Open Cast mining area 08/11/2006 Closed (Approved)
17117 SAMRAD REF NUMBER: NW30/5/1/3/2/10834MP 13/09/2021 DRAFT
11548 Section 24G Rectification Application for tourist accommodation facilities and vegetation clearance on Portion 16, 17 and 18 of the Farm Franschoek 593-LT in Magoebaskloof, near Tzaneen 22/08/2017 For Noting
17223 Storm water Pipeline along Webster Street 28/09/2021 For Noting
4920 survey and map the Haasgat cave system 18/08/2010 Closed (Approved)
5683 surveying, excavation and collection of items relating to historical occupation of the property 15/10/2004 Closed (Approved)
5600 temporary export of BP/1/6026 Tetracynodon sp. and BP/1/5898 Ericiolacerta both from the early Triassic and from Barendskraal, Middelburg district. 22/06/2004 Closed (Approved)
3396 temporary export of 20 to 30 glass trade beads from Mapungubwe 26/06/2006 Closed (Approved)
4418 temporary export of a selection of thirty (30) ceramic sherds from Greefswald 29/09/2008 Closed (Approved)
4791 temporary export of Lystrosaurus and a tuskless Diictodon skull from Iziko South African Museum 19/01/2010 Closed (Approved)
5291 temporary export of two vertebrae of Thecodontosaurus, right humerus of Stagonosuchus and the proximal and distal parts of a femur of Dinosauriform 23/09/2011 Closed (Approved)
4022 temporary export of 1 Ornithischian dinosaur surangular 12/06/2007 Closed (Approved)
4005 temporary export of 1 small amphibian skull 04/05/2007 Closed (Approved)
4742 temporary export of 100 pieces of ochre from sieveing waste and 33 pieces of recorded ochre 20/10/2009 Closed (Approved)
5374 temporary export of 100 pieces of ochre from sieving waste, 33 pieces of recorded ochre and in addition 9 pieces of ochre 04/11/2011 Closed (Approved)
4076 temporary export of 108 fragments of stoneware & 53 fragments of copper 24/07/2007 Closed (Approved)
5547 temporary export of 12 Pelorovis antiquus tooth fragments from Klasies River Caves 18/05/2004 Closed (Approved)
4901 temporary export of 16 fragments of sandstone flakes with pigments 07/05/2010 Closed (Approved)
4279 temporary export of 20 glass beads for the chemical testing from Square B4b, layer BSV, in the Iron Age layers 18/06/2008 Closed (Approved)
3461 temporary export of 210 coarse earthenware sherds from the Castle of Good Hope 04/07/2006 Closed (Approved)
4097 temporary export of 23 Still Bay flakes from Sibudu Cave 16/11/2007 Closed (Approved)
5133 temporary export of 27 faunal specimens 18/02/2011 Closed (Approved)
4530 temporary export of 3 articulated Sauropareion anoplus skulls and skeletons 26/01/2009 Closed (Approved)
5549 temporary export of 30 Pelorovis antiquus tooth fragments 18/05/2004 Closed (Approved)
4796 temporary export of 30 samples of rock art pigment 22/01/2010 Closed (Approved)
5503 temporary export of 400 buttons and 100 small items of clothing 01/08/2003 Closed (Approved)
4783 temporary export of 5 boxes of lithics from the Blombos Cave 03/02/2010 Closed (Approved)
4546 temporary export of 6 boxes of faunal remains 24/03/2009 Closed (Approved)
5135 temporary export of 7 fragments of microfauna 23/02/2011 Closed (Approved)
3573 temporary export of 8 Nassarius beads from the Howiesons Poort 18/12/2006 Closed (Approved)
3482 temporary export of 9 tiny Diictodon skulls 07/08/2006 Closed (Approved)
4555 temporary export of a Nanoparia skull 08/05/2009 Closed (Approved)



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