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Code ClassifiedName CommonName LocalName Image
TM59B spear head
TM59C point
TM59D shank
TM59E rod
TM59F hooked rod
TM59G rod
TM6 bead
TM60 hoe
TM61A sheet
TM61B sheet
TM62 spear head
TM63 hoe blank
TM64A sheet
TM64B sheet
TM65 bar
TM66 spear
TM67 spear
TM68 spear
TM69A bangle
TM69B ring
TM69C frag
TM69D bar
TM69E rod
TM69F scraper
TM69G loop
TM69H bar
TM69I loop
TM7 nodule
TM70 hoe
TM71 wire ring
TM72A sherd
TM72B sherd
TM72C sherd
TM72D sherd
TM73 hoe
TM74 sheet
TM75 bloom nodule
TM76 s/point
TM77 spear
TM78 spear
TM79 spear
TM8 sherd
TM80 pocket knife
TM80A GEOLOGICAL T&E Thrinaxodon liorhinus Thrinaxodon
TM81 wire helix
TM82 wire helix
TM83 wire helix
TM84 wire
TM85 rod/wire helix
TM86 bead/wire



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