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Codesort descending CommonName LocalName Image
U.W. 101-1295 Homo naledi
U.W. 101-136 B Homo naledi
U.W. 101-1390A Homo naledi
U.W. 101-1767 Homo naledi
U.W. 101-1788 Homo naledi
U.W. 101-1810 Homo naledi
U.W. 101-267 Homo naledi
U.W. 101-567 Homo naledi
U.W. 101-586 Homo naledi
U.W. 101-740 Homo naledi
U.W. 101-809 Hominin Homo naledi
U.W. 101-857 Homo naledi
U.W. 101-886 Hominin Homo naledi
U.W. 101-S1200 Homo naledi
U.W. 102B-511 Hominin Homo naledi
U.W.101-020 Hominin Homo naledi
U.W.101-1283 Mandibular Fragment wth Left M3 to Right M3
U.W.101-539 Sediment control sample
U.W.101-826 Long bone fragment control sample 1
U.W.101-838 Long bone fragment control sample 2
U.W.101-843 Long bone fragment control sample 4
U.W.101-844 Long bone fragment control sample 3
U.W.101-845 Long bone fragment control sample 5
U01 calcified breccia/cave silt
U02 calcified breccia/cave silt
U03 calcified breccia/cave silt
U05 calcified breccia/cave silt
U108 HK Gordon13
U110 HK Gordon10
U111 HK Gordon8
U1154-7029 Antique Firearm
U118 Antique Firearm
U119 Antique Firearm
U1195-M742 Antique Firearm
U1400-76514 Antique Firearm
U195 Antique Firearm
U198 Antique Firearm
U1p core
U2p handaxe
U31239 Micromorphology sample
U31240 Micromorphology sample
U31241 Sediment sample
U31242 Sediment sample
U31243 Sediment sample
U325 - Antique Firearm J Cassidy Antique Firearm
U329 HK Gordon11
U331 HK Gordon6
U3p handaxe
U438 Antique Firearm
U4p handaxe



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