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PermitID PermitRefsort descending PermitHolder PermitTo Activities NHRA PermitDate PermitFeePaidDate CaseID CaseReference Application Date CaseOfficers
2339 Temporary export permit for a tapestery KCM 3169 Regina Jansen van Vuuren Export (Temporary) 32(19)
11/08/2016 to 15/10/2016
11/08/2016 9909 Permit for temporary export of a tapestry 21/07/2016 Themba Monnye, Barend van der Merwe
3738 Temporary Export Permit for Coelacanth Sample Ian Roger Bills Export (Temporary) 32(19)
28/09/2022 to 30/09/2024
19205 Tissue Sample of Coelacanth Holotype 03/08/2022 Cuan Hahndiek
2929 Temporary Export Permit for GRS OES Benjamin Robert Collins Export (Temporary) 35(4)
14/05/2019 to 31/05/2020
14/05/2019 12773 Temporary Export Permit for GRS OES 06/08/2018 Phillip Hine
2321 Temporary export permit for loan to British Museum from the University of Pretoria Sian Tiley-Nel Export (Temporary) 32(19)
19/07/2016 to 20/04/2017
19/07/2016 9411 Temporary export permit application for loan to British Museum from the University of Pretoria 21/04/2016 Barend van der Merwe
2221 Temporary export permit for Maquette for Gandi Memorial Statue, Anton Momberg Wendy Black Export (Temporary) 32(19)
04/04/2016 to 20/04/2017
04/04/2016 9205 Temporary export of museum objects for the South Africa exhibition at the British Museum 02/03/2016 Ragna Redelstorff, PhD, Barend van der Merwe, Regina Isaacs, Phillip Hine
188 Temporary Export Permit for SA War Khaki Tunic Diana Wall Smithsonian national Museum of African Art Export (Temporary) 32(19)
30/01/2013 to 28/02/2014
30/01/2013 1238 Museum Africa loan of tunic to Smithsonian National Museum of African Art 10/01/2013 Themba Monnye, Azola Mkosana
2227 Temporary export permit for Song of the Pick, Gerard Sekoto Natasha Fuller Export (Temporary) 32(19)
15/04/2016 to 20/04/2017
15/04/2016 9137 Temporary export permit for Gerard Sekoto 'Song of the Pick' 15/02/2016 Barend van der Merwe
2060 Temporary export permit for The Oude Jood, Van Rijn,RH Gerard de Kamper Export (Temporary) 32(19)
13/09/2015 to 13/07/2016
17/07/2015 6455 Temporary export permit for The Oude Jood, Van Rijn,RH 22/09/2014 Themba Monnye, Barend van der Merwe
3166 Temporary Export Permit for the Van Breda Slave Bell Esther Esmyol Export (Temporary) 32(19)
20/11/2020 to 20/07/2021
06/11/2020 15490 Permit application for temporary export of the Van Breda/Oranjezicht slave bell to Rijksmuseum 09/09/2020 Cuan Hahndiek
3375 Temporary Export Permit for three bee type specimens Tharina L. Bird Export (Temporary) 32(19)
08/12/2021 to 08/01/2023
07/12/2021 17535 Temporary Export of Three Bee type specimens 15/11/2021 Cuan Hahndiek



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