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Post date: 07/08/2012
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History: Glen Thorn was granted in 1824 to John Pringle, a brother of Thomas Pringle the author and leader of the Scottish Party. It was John Pringle who built this stone church in 1840. The first minister was the Rev. John Forbes Cumming, who continued to work there until 1868. This building has been in uninterrupted use as a Presbyterian Church ever since it was completed in 1840 and is older than either of the neighbouring Presbyterian churches in Adelaide and Bedford.

The road from Fort Beaufort runs due west to Adelaide and Bedford, places that are also easily reached from Cookhouse and the national road. Almost every place name in this vicinity reminds one of the Scottish Party of 1820 Settlers led by Thomas Pringle.
Visual Description: The farm Glen Thorn lies about 26 kilometres north of Adelaide, on the left side of the road to Tarkastad. On this farm, in the Macazana Valley, there is a small church of great historical importance. Build of sandstone, plastered for protection 20 years ago, the rectangular building ( 1 2m x 6m ) has an inverted V gable at each end topped by a low parapet. the roof abutting against the gables. There are obliquley placed buttresses at each of the four corners and also a buttress central to each longer wall. The pitched roof was originally thatched, but was long ago replaced by corrugated iron which in turn was replaced by Welsh slates. At the entrance is a small porch with narrow double doors. The gable bears the date 1840 and its apex terminates in a small belfry, The two side walls are eadh pierced by two simple gothic style windows.
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Condition: Good
Construction Date: 1840
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14 km from Bedford turn left to the R344. Travel for 6,3km to T-junction. Turn left. Travel for 21,4km. Take turn-off to left (Glen Thorn). Church is 5,5km from turn-off. 5,1km from t-junction to Adelaide. R344 is 7,3km from Adelaide bridge.

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