Kambula Battlefield, Farm Kambula 381, Vryheid District





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Post date: 07/08/2012
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Archive Import: During the battle of Kambula on 29 March 1879, a Britishforce of approx 2000 men under the command of Col EvelynWood (later Field Marshall Sir Evelyn Wood, VC, CB) KMC files; A battle (29 March 1879) which righted the British defeat at Hlobane (28 March 1879) but destroyed the morale of the hitherto victorious Zulu impis. The Zulus had to retreat and their loss was severe: they lost an estimated 2000 men. Wording: Granite plaque on the toposcope: Kambula Battlefield. Here a British force of about 2000 men, under the command of Col Evelyn Wood (later Field Marshall Sir Evelyn Wood, VC, CB), successfully defended itself against a Zuluimpi 20 000 strong under Mnyamana Buthelezi after a series of determined attacks on the British laager, lasting from 13h45 to 17h30 on 29 March 1879. The Zulus were forced to withdraw, suffering some 2000 casualties. The indunas regarded this as a major reverse especially as so many of the regiments which took part had been victorious at iSandlwana. National Monuments Council.
History: During the Battle of Kambula a British force of approximately 2 000 men under the command of Colonel Evelyn Wood (later Field Marshal Sir Evelyn Wood, V.C., C.B.) successfully defended themselves against a Zulu impi of 20 000 men under Mnyamana Buthelezi. Approximately 2 000 Zulus perished here.
Visual Description: All that remains is a small redoubt and some possible remains of an entrenched camp:
Site Features: toposcope
Condition: Good
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From Vryheid take the R33 to the north. About 12,5km from Vryheid turn left onto gravel. The memorial. The Kambula and Battlefield site, in extent 31,5253 hectares as described as figure A B C D E A on Surveyor's Disgram, the Surveyor-General in Pietermaritzburg and on file 4/N/V-d/1 in the Office of the National Monuments Council, Cape Town.The site is situated on the remainder of Subdivision A of the farm Kambula 381, in the District of Vryheid, Province of Natal. Deed of Transfer 14098/1965, dated 4 October 1965.

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