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Code CommonName CulturalAssociation Image
WWC6245-936 tooth powder
WWC6245-964 tooth powder
WWC6245-974 tooth powder
WWC6245-985 tooth powder
WWD14 tooth
WWD15 tooth
X1 bead
X2 chain
X3 chain
X4 nodule
X5 nodule
X6 nodule
X7 nodule
XC 10-77 Fossil rodents XC 10-77
XC 10-89 Fossil rodents Xc 10-89
XC 9-31 Fossil rodents XC 9-31
Xhosa earrings earrings
YFT Timber 1/2019 Suspected shipwreck timber found on Yzerfontein 16-Mile Beach Person for scale/size reference
Z10 loop/bangle
Z11 bangle
Z144 bangle
Z145 spear head
Z148 helix
Z149 arrow head
Z150 arrow head
Z153 rod
Z155 bar, hoe shaft?
Z157 bar
Z158 bangle
Z160 hoe or axe blade
Z161 adze
Z163 hoe blade
Z164 bar
Z206 spear head
Z207 spear head
Z208 spear head
Z209 hoe blade
Z216 helix
Z333 spear head
Z334 ingot
Z335 ingot
Z363 hoe
Z364 hoe
Z428 bangle
Z430 spear head
Z433 hoe blade
Z436 helix
Z467 helix
Z468 spear head
Z479 hoe blade



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