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Proposed Revised Schedule of Fees for Applications made to the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA)

In terms of Section 25(2)(l) of the National Heritage Resources Act, No. 25 of 1999 (NHRA), applications for the services listed below must, as of 1 January 2023, be accompanied by appropriate payment of fees as indicated. The proposed Guideline and Schedule is listed below. Any comments should reach the Chief Executive Officer ( or P.O. Box 4637, Cape Town, 8001) no later than 1 October 2022.

SAHRA Application Closure

Please note the following concerning applications submitted to the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) during the December 2022 to January 2023 period.

The full notice is available here: Notice

Erratum: Please note that point 5 of the notice should be read as follows; "The last day for section 38(8) applications to receive comments in 2022 is the 15th November 2022 (not December). Any comments on section 38(8) applications submitted from the 16th November 2022 (not December) will be issued from the 6th January 2023". We apologise for any inconvenience.

This is the very brief guide to lodging applications on SAHRIS.

For new users to SAHRIS, please read through the Frequently Asked Questions listed below:

Quick Guide to Making Online Applications for First Time Users

Application Checklist

Comprehensive and more detailed guides related to specific kinds of applications:

Palaeontological Permit Applications

Guide to Amafa Permit Applications

Guide For Applications For Additions Or Alterations To Buildings Older Than 60 Years 

Guide for DMR officials uploading EMPs

Reporting Heritage Crime

Guide to Creating Sites on SAHRIS

Guide to Nominating a Site or Object for Declaration

Quick Start Guide to Object Creation

Brief Intro to SAHRIS:

Check out the SAHRIS Overview of Features 
or click on the PDF download at the bottom of this page for the standalone version of the document.

Click here to watch the overview of SAHRIS presented at the CIPA 2013 Symposium in Strasbourg, France on 5th September 2013.

SAHRA has completed version 2 of the South African Heritage Resources Information System, commonly known as SAHRIS. Development of the system began in January 2012 using the Drupal Content Management System platform in line with SAHRA's overall adoption of free open source software. Version 1 covers heritage case management and is integrated with the National Inventory of sites and objects. The system has been tested and used by SAHRA's staff since May 2012 and is being rolled out in phases. Version 2 covers site and collection management.

Through SAHRIS, SAHRA is able to provide a heritage management tool to all heritage bodies and custodians
of heritage, as well as to local planning authorities and provincial heritage resources authorities.
The system enables the efficient and coordinated management of our heritage, and the maximization of benefit to be attained from our heritage resources by appropriate promotion and use of these resources. SAHRA views the custodians of heritage resources as integral partners in this project and is providing forums for  participation in the project. 

You will have noticed that the SAHRA website has changed considerably since the 5 August 2012. The SAHRIS system provides both the front end and back end of the site. In order to use the SAHRIS features, you need an account on SAHRIS. This service is free of charge and your account will be activated by the administrator. A tutorial for creating an account is available in Chapter 1 of the first SAHRIS tutorial. 

The following tutorials are available for viewing on YouTube or for direct download. You will need a compatible Video Player for the direct downloads - try VLC Media Player if your computer has problems opening the files. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section below the HELP menu.


Tutorial# Chapter# and No of Parts# Description YouTube Link DirectDownload Size (MB)
1       1 Create an Account and the Dashboard Tut1 Chapter1 33.1
2 My Account, Create a Profile and Create an Application Tut1 Chapter2 37.4
3 (1 of 2) Create an Application Continued A Tut1 Chapter3A 29.9
3 (2 of 2) Create an Application Continued B Tut1 Chapter3B 37.6
4 (1 of 2) Create an Application Final Tut1 Chapter4A 53.7
4 (2 of 2) Edit and View your Application Tut1 Chapter4B 11.9
5 Exploring My Content, your case, permits and decisions Tut1 Chapter5 51.5
6 Exploring SAHRIS, Reports and the GIS Mapping Tut1 Chapter6 72.3
7 Uploading a heritage report to SAHRIS Tut1 Chapter7 22.8
8 Viewing Mapped Heritage Cases on SAHRIS Tut1 Chapter8 27.1
2 1 Intro to site recordings and organic groups n/a  
2 (1 of 2) Site Recordings Part A Tut2 Chapter2A 38.1
2 (2 of 2) Site Recordings Part B Tut2 Chapter2B 35.9
3 Viewing your group's sites and maps Tut1 Chapter3 47.7
3 1 of 2 Mapping heritage cases using WKT format where you have already mapped the case before SAHRIS (eg you have already have a KML file) Tut3 Chapter1 36.6
2 of 2 Mapping heritage cases by uploading KML file (also updates Chapter 1 of Tut 3) Tut3 Chapter2 45.4
4 1 The SAHRIS Calendar Tut4 16.1
5 1 of 3 Permit Applications Tut5 Chapter1 32.4
2 of 3 Permit Applications Tut5 Chapter2 40.9
3 of 3 Permit Applications Tut5 Chapter3 38.9 
6 1 of 2 Commenting on SAHRIS Tut6 Chapter1 31.8
2 of 2 Commenting on SAHRIS - viewing your history of comments under MyComments Tut6 Chapter2 21.4
7 1 of 9 Heritage Officers Series - introduction and profile, dashboard and messages Tut7 Chapter1 42.5
2 of 9 Heritage Officers Series - Cases Explained, Unassigned Cases Tut7 Chapter 2 42.6
3 of 9 Heritage Officers Series - Permit Applications Tut7 Chapter 3 40.6
4 of 9 Heritage Officers Series - Case decisions, letters, declaration notices, case tracking Tut7 Chapter 4 45.2
5 of 9 Heritage Officers Series - Case decisions & Permits continued Tut7 Chapter 5 49.6
6 of 9 Heritage Officers Series - Permits conclusion Tut7 Chapter 6 37.2
7 of 9 Heritage Officers Series - Opening & closing comments, monthly reports, revision history, permit listing report, cases on agenda, content summary Tut7 Chapter 7 48.6
8 of 9 Heritage Officers Series - Sites, Nominations and Declarations, Gradings Tut7 Chapter 8 59.7
9 of 9 Heritage Officers Series - Creating sub groups of Organic Groups for properties involved in impact assessments Tut7 Chapter 9 65.8


Tutorial# Chapter# and No of Parts# Description YouTube Link DirectDownload Size (MB)
1       1 Introduction to SAHRIS for Curators & Collections Managers Tut1 Chapter1 77.5
2 My Account, Create a Profile and Setting up your Museum & Locations Tut1 Chapter2 89.0
3 (1 of 3) Create your first Object part 1, General Tab Tut1 Chapter3 86.0
4 (2 of 3) Create your first Object part 2, Description & Object History Tabs Tut1 Chapter4 86.6
5 (3 of 3) Create your first Object part 3, Site, Images and Attachments Tabs Tut1 Chapter5 26.6

Tutorial# Chapter# and No of Parts# Description YouTube Link DirectDownload Size (MB)
2  1 Object Movements (Accessions, Transfers, Loans) Tut2 Chapter1 78.0
2 Condition Assessments, Valuations Tut2 Chapter2 58.2
3 Using the Object Reports and Views on SAHRIS Tut2 Chapter3 116.0

Presentation in Prezi format for the Association of Southern African Professional Archaeologists (ASAPA) conference in Gaborone, Botswana, on 3rd July 2013.

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