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Rehabilitation and Refurbishment of Latimer's Landing (jetty), Erf 33369, East London Harbour





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Proposed rehabilitation and refurbishment of the existing Latimer’s Landing jetty at the Port of East London (Erf 33369), including the reinstallation of the lower deck (pontoon).


The refurbishment will require the replacement of old structures and infrastructure (currently in a critical state of disrepair) with new structures and infrastructure of a similar nature to perform a similar function and will not increase the footprint or the capacity of the jetty. The intention is to maintain the heritage style and form of the structure and cladding the concrete deck with salvageable deck boards from the current jetty. The AIA grades the jetty as Grade II based on its commemorative and context values. Its critical state of disrepair precludes any form of non-invasive restoration procedure but proposed development will not affect its grading due to the values it is based on. It is suggested that the entire Latimer's Landing (precinct) be nominated for declaration as a provincial cultural heritage site (Grade II). The PIA report rates the potential palaeontological and prehistoric remains depending on specific activities as between Generally Protected A (GP.A) and Generally Protected C (GP.C) Activities to be undertaken as per Scope of Works include the following: • Removal of all existing jetty furniture and services; • Removal of the existing timber deck and timber piles to below deck level; • Removal of existing rock armour; • Levelling of the slope as required; • Replacement of timber piles with new reinforced concrete piles; • Re-establishment of the rock revetment using existing rock armour where possible; • Replacement of the timber deck with a reinforced concrete deck, consisting of precast concrete with in-situ infill; • Provision of scour protection; • Re-installation of jetty furniture and services; • Cladding of the concrete deck with a timber finish using timber from the disassembled timber deck where possible.


Friday, August 7, 2015 - 13:45





South-north view of Latimer's Landing deck showing close proximity to historic double-decker bridge
North-south view of Latimer's Landing deck showing close proximity to Footprints Restaurant on the left
Missing deck sections
Signs of rot and severe weathering
Collapsed joist
Disintegrating pile
Crustacean-infected pile (disintegrating)
Collapsed pile
Disintegrating revetment
Piles on revetment side

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