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Which heritage objects are protected and what is the role of expert advisers?


Objects described on the List of Types of Objects, as declared in the Government Gazette of 6 December 2002, No. 1512, are protected objects in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act (Act 25 of 1999), and a permit in terms of the said act is required to export these objects from the country.  As SAHRA regulates the movement of these objects, this permit must be obtained from SAHRA, using the SAHRIS web-portal.

SAHRA may designate any person or any institution in South Africa as an expert examiner on the basis of his, her or its special knowledge, in terms of Section 32(10) of the NHRA.

On receipt of an application to export a heritage object SAHRA may refer it to one or more expert examiners, who must submit to SAHRA a written report on the application, in terms of Section 32(22) of the NHRA.

SAHRA must consider the report and can either
(a) issue a permit to export the object concerned, subject to such conditions, if any, as SAHRA considers necessary; or
(b) refuse to issue a permit in terms of Section 32(23) of the NHRA.

In considering an application to export any object an expert examiner and SAHRA must consider whether the object:
(a) is of outstanding significance by reason of its close association with South African history or culture, its aesthetic qualities, or its value in the study of the arts or sciences
(b) is of such a degree of national importance that its loss to South Africa would significantly diminish the national heritage,
and if satisfied that the object fulfills both these criteria may, or may not, issue a permit to export the object.

The full list of protected Heritage Objects is attached for your convenience.


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