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Boervolk Erfenis Bewaring



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Motivating Statement for registration: 

The Boervolk Erfenis Bewaring aims:
To manage and preserve the historical sites related to Boer heritage;
To work closely with SAHRA and other relevant organisations to preserve this heritage;
To assist with the preservation of the black concentration camp sites as well as the British cemeteries and graves on the battlefields.

The category of heritage resources that the body would like to register for are the following:
All Boer heritages of historical interest for example:
• All concentration camp sites and concentration camp cemeteries including allies and memorabilia, as joint heritages.
• Battlefield sites and battlefield cemeteries
• Burgher graves
• Monuments
• Historical relics and similar objects
• Cultural sites, cultural icons and Volk practices
• Museums
• Prisoner of war camps and their cemeteries
• All Voortrekker heritages
• Boer Forts
• British Forts
• Boer Supporters memorials
This list is not complete and remains open for additions.

Ways in which the body can assist SAHRA:
(a) The body can assist SAHRA with information regarding these sites as well as historical facts on Boer history.
(b) The body can also do repairs and maintenance on all the relevant heritage sites with capable and suitably qualified people.
(c) Research into the history of black concentration camps, cause and effect.
(d) Research and help with the upkeep of heritage sites abroad.
(e) Research into the broader spectrum of the South African history and heritages pertaining to the Boervolk, Afrikaner and Black communities.

Registration ID: 2014/029430/08




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