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Code CommonName LocalName Image
UW101-582 Molar inferior left
UW101-583 Molar superior left
UW101-583 Molar superior left
UW101-591 Incisor superior medial right
UW101-593 Molar superior left
UW101-594 Molar superior M3 right
UW101-595 Canine superior deciduous right
UW101-601 Incisor inferior medial left
UW101-655 Molar inferior deciduous right
UW101-706 Canine superior left
UW101-708 Molar superior left
UW101-709 Incisor superior lateral right
UW101-728 Canine superior, deciduous, left
UW101-729 Premolar superior right
UW101-786 Premolar superior left
UW101-789 Molar inferior left
UW101-796 Molar superior left
UW101-800 Premolar inferior left
UW101-808 Premolar superior left
UW101-809 Molar inferior left
UW101-814 Molar inferior left
UW101-816 Canine superior left
UW101-823 Molar deciduous right
UW101-824 Canine inferior deciduous left
UW101-850 Premolar superior left
UW101-867 Molar superior M3 left
UW101-886 Canine inferior right
UW101-887 Premolar inferior P4 left
UW101-889 Premolar inferior P4 left
UW101-905 Molar inferior left
UW101-908 Canine superior left
UW101-931 Incisor superior medial left
UW101-932 Incisor superior lateral left
UW101-952 Incisor superior lateral right
UW101-985 Canine inferior left
UW101-998 Incisor inferior lateral left
UW101-999 Molar superior left
UW101-DentalCalculus-BATCH-CASEID4717 Rising Star Empire Cave Dental Calculus Batch for Caseid 4717
UW88-1289 Bovid incisor Tooth
UW88-140509-B040 Rock containing MH1 cranium impressions
UW88-379 Caudal vertebra Vertebra
UW88-503 Bovid thorasic vertebra Bovid tooth
UW88-900 Bovid astragalus Astragalus
uw88-927 Bovid distal phalynx Phalynx
UW88-B Small rodent tooth Tooth
UW88-B004 Rock specimen with MH2 molar frag Malapa
UW88-Bone-Breccia-BATCH-CASEID4819 Malapa bone and breccia for export Batch for Caseid 4819
UW88.0 breccia
UW88.1023 bone fragment
UW88.1023.g bone fragment



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