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Following comments received on the proposed Revised Schedule of Fees for applications made to the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA), made in terms of Section 25(2)(l) of the National Heritage Resources Act No. 25 of 1999 (NHRA) and published in the Government Gazette of 22 July 2022, SAHRA hereby publishes the final Revised Schedule of Fees for Applications made to SAHRA. Applications for provision of services submitted to the South African Heritage Resources Authority (SAHRA), in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act, No. 25 of 1999 (NHRA) must be accompanied by a payment of the appropriate fee, taking effect from 1 January 2023

Revised Schedule of Fees for Applications made to the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA)

Decommissioning of the University of Pretoria’s Onderstepoort Incinerator





Development Type: 


Decommissioning of the University of Pretoria’s Onderstepoort Incinerator: The project entails the decommissioning and demolishing of the University of Pretoria’s Onderstepoort Incinerator. The incinerator was constructed prior to 1989 (the exact date is unknown) and uses outdated technology. The outdated technology does not ensure compliance with the Maximum Emission Rates as stipulated in the incinerator’s Atmospheric Emission Licence (Licence Number: 9/16/1/2/38/R; issued on 12 August 2019). It is financially more feasible for the University of Pretoria to dispose of the infectious waste generated at Onderstepoort, when compared to the costs that would be involved in operating the incinerator in future. Operational costs would include, for example, air quality monitoring costs and costs to replace/upgrade abatement technology on the incinerator to enable compliance to the Maximum Emission Rates. The applicant therefore wishes to rather decommission and demolish its Onderstepoort incinerator. An underground diesel tank linked to the incinerator will also be removed. The diesel tank is owned and managed by TOTAL and has a capacity of 8m3. The removal will be managed by TOTAL and they will be responsible for any rehabilitation of contaminated soil in the vicinity of the tank.


Saturday, October 31, 2020 - 12:55






  1. PDF icon South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA).pdf
  2. PDF icon Background Information Document.pdf
  3. PDF icon Draft Basic Assessment Report
  4. PDF icon Draft EMPr
  5. PDF icon Closure Plan
  6. PDF icon Site Sensitivity Vertification Report
  7. Image icon UP_Onderstepoort - Elevation Profile Map.png
  8. Image icon UP_Onderstepoort - Geology Chronostratigraphic Map_1_100000.png
  9. Image icon UP_Onderstepoort - Geology Lithostratigraphic Map_1_25000.png
  10. Image icon UP_Onderstepoort - Geosientific Soil Profile Map_1_25000.png
  11. Image icon UP_Onderstepoort - Land Cover Map_1_25000.png
  12. Image icon UP_Onderstepoort - Locality Map_1_50000_HMS.png
  13. Image icon UP_Onderstepoort - Locality Map_Combination map_1_50000_HMS.png
  14. Image icon UP_Onderstepoort - Adjacent Properties Map.png
  15. Image icon IMG_0004.JPG
  16. Image icon IMG_0009.JPG
  17. Image icon IMG_0014.JPG
  18. Image icon IMG_0015.JPG
  19. Image icon IMG_0016.JPG
  20. Image icon IMG_0020.JPG
  21. Image icon IMG_0021.JPG
  22. Image icon IMG_0023.JPG
  23. Image icon IMG_0024.JPG
  24. Image icon IMG_0029.JPG
  25. Image icon IMG_0031.JPG
  26. Image icon IMG_0032.JPG
  27. Image icon IMG_0040.JPG
  28. Image icon IMG_0001.JPG
  29. Image icon IMG_0003.JPG
  30. PDF icon Public Participation Plan_WML for Decommissioning of the UP Incinerator_Final.pdf
  31. PDF icon Background Information Document.pdf
  32. PDF icon ARC.pdf
  33. PDF icon City of Tshwane.pdf
  34. PDF icon Comments and Responses Report.pdf
  35. PDF icon IAP Register.pdf
  36. PDF icon Beeld Newspaper Advertisement - 5 November 2020.pdf
  37. PDF icon Newspaper Advertisement.pdf
  38. PDF icon Pretoria Rekord North Newspaper Advertisement - 5 November 2020.pdf
  39. Image icon IMG_0044.JPG
  40. Image icon IMG_0045.JPG
  41. Image icon IMG_0046.JPG
  42. Image icon IMG_0047.JPG
  43. Image icon IMG_0048.JPG
  44. Image icon IMG_0049.JPG
  45. Image icon IMG_0050.JPG
  46. Image icon IMG_0051.JPG
  47. Image icon IMG_0052.JPG
  48. Image icon IMG_0053.JPG
  49. Image icon IMG_0054.JPG
  50. Image icon IMG_0055.JPG
  51. Image icon IMG_0056.JPG
  52. PDF icon Site Notice Board.pdf
  53. PDF icon Notification Letters.pdf
  54. PDF icon Emails sent_2 November 2020.pdf
  55. PDF icon Uploading of documents to SAHRIS.pdf
  56. PDF icon ARC.pdf
  57. PDF icon City of Tshwane.pdf
  58. PDF icon Appendix D.pdf
  59. PDF icon Protected Areas Act Approval.pdf
  60. PDF icon Approval of Public Participation Plan.pdf
  61. PDF icon Environmental Screening Report.pdf
  62. PDF icon Lizette Kloppers CV.pdf
  63. PDF icon Draft EMPr_UP Incinerator Decommissioning_June 2021_Final.pdf
  64. PDF icon Final Basic Assessment Report_UP Incinerator Decommissioning_June 2021_Final.pdf
  65. PDF icon Site Sensitivity Verification Report_UP Incinerator Decommissioning_June 2021_Final.pdf
  66. PDF icon Closure Plan_UP Incinerator Decommissioning_June 2021_Final.pdf
  67. PDF icon WML Issuance Notification_30 September 2021_Final.pdf

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