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Proposed Aggeneis-Paulputs 400kV Powerline and Substation Upgrades





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The proposed 400kV overhead transmission powerline would be constructed by approximately 97km, from Aggeneis substation (approximately 5km south west of the mining town of Aggeneys) to Paulputs substation (approximately 35km north east of the town Pofadder) in the Northern Cape Province.


The main purpose for the proposed Aggeneis-Paulputs powerline is to improve the Paulputs N-1 reliability. At the moment, the Paulputs network does not meet the minimum reliability standards of the South African Grid Code which require minimum N-1 reliability for the transmission network. This needs to be resolved as it is a mandatory requirement. Furthermore, the transmission capacity will soon be exhausted at Paulputs if interest by Independent Power Producers (IPPs) continues at present levels. Therefore, the construction of the Aggeneis-Paulputs 400kV line will ensure that the network is firm for N-1 contingency, and to ensure that there is sufficient line capacity to evacuate potential IPPs in the area. The advantages of the proposed transmission powerline would include: avoiding total loss of supply following the loss of the existing 220 kV line; contributing towards a more flexible electrical network; improvement in the overall reliability of the electrical systems, which would benefit electricity users in the region; and to sustain economic growth in the Northern Cape Province.


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