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Respond to Cibecs Email and Proposal

Dear Rob
Thank you for the email, as well as the attachments.  I really enjoyed the presentation and it is clearly a great solution.
I would work on 75 users for a formal quote. (we are 70 at the moment country wide, but there are new posts being filled as we speak). 
At this point in time I would need some time to think about the options available, and also need to see where SAHRA is going
in terms of its strategic plan for the next three to five years.  SAHRA is currently going through some major internal changes and
therefore introducing new items which are not on our current budget is almost impossible.  It does however give me some
time in terms of discussion matters with the senior executives and as we approach time to prepare our 2013/2014 budgets, I
can at least have a plan of action.
Kind Regards
Ms. Nancy-Ellen Cloete
Information Technology Officer
South African Heritage Resources Agency
PO Box 4637, Cape Town 8000, South Africa
Cell : 084 629 1808
Phone : 27 (0)21 462 4502
Fax : 27 (0)21 462 4509
Web :

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>>> Robert Shelton <> 2012/10/24 04:53 PM >>>

Hi Nancy,

As discussed, please find attached:

  1. Cibecs company profile with a list of reference sites
  2. Cibecs Product Brochure  
  3. The business case template (edit the areas in RED) you can edit to assist with motivation to management
  4. Supporting documents for the business case (Appendix_documents)

I have outlined a brief overview of the offering below,

  1. I would like to invite you to visit our website to view a quick Overview Video on Cibecs. This will give you a basic overview of the product,
  2. View our product demo for a quick overview of what the product looks like and how it works,
  3. You can also download our Product Technical Whitepaper for your perusal,

A few of the Business IT Benefits

  • Policy Customization & Complete Control - Granular policy setting for departments, groups or users (based on Active Directory)
  • Laptop & Desktop data is completely secure from data loss, theft and corruption – daily backups are centrally managed & automated
  • Data compression reduces bandwidth & storage spend – our customers also report IT support costs savings of over 60% (read the case study)
  • Intuitive Reporting - Cibecs Dashboard centralizes management across thousands of endpoints.
  • Protection Rating provides single metric to monitor effectiveness and protection SLA.
  • BlockTrack technology ensures daily backups take seconds.
  • Archive of data, so you have version control of your information
  • Optimized for backup of Microsoft Outlook files.
  • Completely invisible to Users - Dynamic Throttling further reduces end-user impact during backup.

Ensure increased operational efficiency

  • Ensure Data Recoverability
  • Simplified, Faster Data Migration  

Enhanced infrastructure optimisation

  • Centrally Managed Data Protection Policy
  • Reduce Storage Cost & Requirement
  • Bandwidth Requirement Reduction

Enforce corporate governance

  • Corporate Governance Compliance
  • Cibecs addresses Corporate Governance compliance by ensuring end user data is protected and that the Board is able to demonstrate a policy based, automated solution that ensures protection and archival of the business related user data as well as controls access o the user data through encryption.
  • Audit Compliance, Business Continuity & Risk

There are three licensing options available (indicative pricing based on 70 users):

1. Monthly subscription                                R 39 / user per month

2. Annual subscription                                   R 429 / user per annum                 *most popular option*

3. Perpetual (purchase option)                 R 1,287 / user once-off                   (with a maintenance contract available from year 2)


  • Telephonic and remote support, maintenance and upgrades are included:
    • At no additional cost in the Monthly & Annual option
    • At no cost for the 1st year on the Perpetual option and thereafter at 20% per annum
    • License and maintenance fees are due in advance and subject to a minimum 3 year contract
    • Annual escalation of 10% will apply to all fees
    • Onsite support, training, hardware and implementation services are available as additional items and can be quoted on request

I can provide you with a formal quotation once you have confirmed the final user count,

Please let me know how you would like to proceed from here,

Look forward to your response,

Kind regards,

Robert Shelton
Inside Sales Representative

USA Tel:                (617) 674 2437

EMEA Tel:             (+27) 11 791 0073

Direct Tel:              (+27) 10 591 5026
Mobile:                   (+27) 84 052 6846

Fax: 0866 800 571


* Everything in this e-mail and attachments relating to the official business of CIBECS (Pty) Ltd (Reg. Number 1981/05934/07) is proprietary to the company. It is confidential, legally privileged and protected by law. CIBECS does not own and endorse any other content. Views and opinions are those of the sender unless clearly stated as being that of CIBECS. The person addressed in the e-mail is the sole authorised recipient. Please notify the sender immediately if it has unintentionally reached you and do not read, disclose or use the content in any way. Whilst all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the accuracy and integrity of information and data transmitted electronically and to preserve the confidentiality thereof, no liability or responsibility whatsoever is accepted if information or data is, for whatever reason, corrupted or does not reach its intended destination.


Responded to Cibecs Email. Quote received. Will be discussed with IT Manager in due course.

Matters can be closed. No longer an issue.


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