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ReportRef ReportDate ReportFile
A cache of 18th century leather deposits from the channel surrounding the c.1690 Dutch colonial cemetery, Stellenbosch 01/01/2005
Argeologiese opgrawing van die meulstroom: Afhandelingsfase (Mei) 01/01/2002
Asara Wine Estate Historical, structural & archaeological assessment 01/01/2006
Bakkerhuis: 'n Historiese, strukturele en argeologiese ondersoek na Dorpstraat 155, Stellenbosch 01/01/1994
Berghhuis-perseel: 'n Historiese, strukturele en argeologiese ondersoek van 'n Stellenbosse dorpswoning c.1750-1999 01/01/1999
Bergzicht, Stellenbosch: 'n Ondersoek na die buitegeboue 01/01/1994
Historical Survey of Owners of Bethlehem Farm 153 01/01/2009 PDF icon Vos_2009_Bethlehem_Farm153.pdf
Bletterman slave quarters site: archaeotectural and archaeological investigations of a late 18th century structure and its contextual features 01/01/1990
Blettermanhuis: Buitegebou: Strukturele ontleding 01/01/1983
Blettermanhuis: Historiese agtergrond en die plasing van die muurskerm 01/01/1982
Bosman's Crossing, Stellenbosch: A survey of its historical context 01/01/2002
Bosman's Crossing, Stellenbosch: An historical survey of the area & heritage value of Plot 6201, lower Dorp Street 01/01/2009
Brue oor die Eersterivier: Compagnies drift, Meerlust en Brinksdrif, Geduld 01/01/1993 PDF icon HVos 1993_Brue oor die Eersterivier: Compagnies drift, Meerlust en Brinksdrif, Geduld.pdf
Building materials used in some colonial structures of Stellenbosch district:1-13 01/01/1978
Burgundy Homestead, Franschhoek: A structural report towards developing a conservative strategy for an 18th century building 01/01/2001
Burgundy, Franschhoek: Voorlopige verslag en aanbevelings t.o.v. die hoofopstal 01/01/1986
Cape Archaeological Survey CCtle restoration project: Archaeological investigations: Provisional report on well, Block B, Basement, Room 7 01/01/1987
Cape Town, Block III Plots 1-6 (1772 - 2006) historical & archaeological potential of urban block Bree, Loop, Leeuwen and Dorp Street 01/01/2006
Collins Cottage, Stellenbosch: Kleurafwerking van fasade 01/01/1996
Current directions in Historical archaeology: A personal view 01/01/1988
Daneelhuis-perseel en geboue, Birdstraat, Stellenbosch: 'n Historiese en strukturele oorsig 01/01/1996
De Blaauwe Klippen, Stellenbosch: Historical survey and structural research of an 18th century farmyard (March) 01/01/2002
De Eiken, Markstraat 27: 'n Histories-strukturele ondersoek van die Hager woning 01/01/1999
De Goede Hoop Farm: Structural investigation of the stables 01/01/2004
De Goede Hoop Farm, Historical survey of the owners 01/01/2004
De Groot Zalze, Stellenbosch: Report 1: First Phase: Structural investigations of an early pioneer dwelling (July) 01/01/2004
De Groote Zalze farm, Stellenbosch: Historical survey of the owners: Report 2 01/01/2004
De Hoop Dorp St 16/06/2012
De Hoop dorpsplaas, Stellenbosch: Geskiedkundige en argeologiese ondersoek 01/01/1997 PDF icon Vos_1997_De Hoop Dorpsplaas.pdf
De Kleyne Bos, Dal Josaphat, Klein Drakenstein: An historical journey of a farm, its people, places and buildings (February) 01/01/2001
De Posthuys: Summary of main archaeological observations correlated with documented research (5 pp) 01/01/1980
De Witthuis, buitegebou: Argeotektoniese ondersoek 01/01/1993 PDF icon Vos_1993_De Witthuis.pdf
Decameron Restaurant (Plot 1847), Plein Street & VCSV sites (plot 11136), Ryneveld Street, Stellenbosch: Archaeological & structural investigations (Prior to the proposed development) 01/01/2007
Die Bergzicht perseel, Stellenbosch: Histories argeologiese ondersoek van die afgebrande Herehuis 01/01/1993
Die derde kolonieshuis van 1694 (Ryneveldstraat 2): Voorlopige verslag saamgestel vir Dorpstraat-eiendomme 01/01/1992
Die Faure perseel, Stellenbosch: 'n Argeologiese ondersoek na die hoofgebou en buitegebou 01/01/1992
Die kolonieshuis van 1694: Argeologiese ondersoek te Ryneveldstraat 2, Stellenbosch 01/01/1992
Die meulstroom en die >1750 meule: 'n Historiese oorsig en argeologiese opgrawings: Verkenningsfase (April) 01/01/2002
Die ou pastorie: die wel en wee van 'n koloniale gebou: Dorpstraat 137, Stellenbosch 01/01/1992
Die Rouxhuis, Ryneveldstraat 5, Stellenbosch 01/01/1987
Die Rynse hoek. Ondersoeke en aanbevelinge t.o.v. geselekteerde geboue 01/01/1993
Die Skuinshuis: Histories-argeologiese bevindinge gedurende 1979:1-5 01/01/1979
Die V.O.C. Kruithuis: Verslag oor sy struktuur en afwerking 01/01/1997
Documentation on early glasspane windows: Summary report (32 pp) 01/01/1988
Dorp Street 19 - 21 (Plot 2703/4), Konig Lodge, Cape Town: Historical overview & structural investigations 01/01/2006
Dorpstraat 100/102, Stellenbosch: Kaapse herehuis tot Victoriaanse dubbel-verdieping: Historiese eienaars, strukturele en argeologiese ondersoek 01/01/2003
Dorpstraat 100/102, Stellenbosch: Viktoriaanse dubbelverdiepings: Oorsigtelike historiese en strukturele ondersoek 01/01/2002
Drostdy Street buildings: no 7: Smithy / shop c.1730 & no 9: Victorian dwelling c.1870 (Erf 6171): Evaluation of facade & recommendations 01/01/2005
Drostdy Street buildings: Outbuilding No 7 & Victorian dwelling No 9: Historical, archaeological & structural investigations 01/01/2005
Druk Mij Niet, earliest portion on De Klijne Bos (1687), Dal Josaphat, Drakenstein: Structural analysis of the homestead and the cellar 01/01/2007



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