Sediment samples for tephra analyses







Tuesday, June 5, 2012 to Monday, July 1, 2013




The following conditions apply:

  1. The material must be carefully packed and all packaging must be clearly marked with the name of the site, and the name and address of the permit holder or the Diaz Museum in Mossel Bay.
  2. The material must be hand carried or sent via a reputable professional courier service unless written instructions to the contrary have been received from the repositories, the Diaz Museum in Mossel Bay.
  3. The material may not be loaned to any person or institution other than Prof. Eugene Smith without the consent of SAHRA.
  4. A report on the activities undertaken in terms of this permit must be lodged with SAHRA before 01 July 2013.
  5. Copies of all papers or publications resulting from this permit must be lodged with SAHRA.
  6. SAHRA shall not be liable for any losses, damages or injuries to persons or properties as a result of any activities in connection with this permit.
  7. SAHRA reserves the right to cancel this permit by notice to the permit holder.
  8. This permit is subject to a general appeal and may be suspended should an appeal against the decisions be received by SAHRA within 14 days from the date of the permit. SAHRA may not be held responsible for any costs or losses incurred in the event of the suspension or retraction of this permit.





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