Commissioning Company Reports

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Dealesville Edison Amendment letter
HIA; Proposed Photo-voltaic Facility, Beaufort West
HIA for Lewin Chicken Layer Facility
HIA for Makadima Cultural Village
HIA for Mthunzi Chicken Supplier
Final Heritage Assessment_SKA PHASE 1 PROJECT
Khanyani Agricultural Project
Maybole Farm
Maybole Farm
CSIR SKA Phase 1 Heritage
Heritage Screener
Heritage Screener
Gemsbok Solar PV6 PIA
Gemsbok Solar PV6 HIA
Gemsbok Solar PV5 PIA
Gemsbok Solar PV5 HIA
Gemsbok Solar PV4 PIA
Gemsbok Solar PV4 HIA
Gemsbok Solar PV3 PIA
Gemsbok Solar PV3 HIA
Boven Solar PV4 PIA
Boven Solar PV4 HIA
Boven solar PV3 PIA
Boven Solar PV3 HIA
Boven solar PV2 PIA
Boven Solar PV2 HIA
Proposed development of supporting infrastructure to the Victoria West Wind Energy Facility, Victoria West
Heritage opinion on amendment to EA issued to Victoria West WEF
Edison PV HIA
Faraday PV HIA
Maxwell PV HIA
Marconi PV HIA
Desktop PIA - Kenhardt PV 3
HIA Kenhardt PV 3
Desktop PIA - Kenhardt PV 2
HIA Kenhardt PV 2
Desktop PIA - Kenhardt PV 1
HIA Kenhardt PV 1
HIA Kenhardt PV 3 Transmission Line
HIA Kenhardt PV 2 Transmission Line
Desktop PIA - Kenhardt PV Transmission Lines
HIA Kenhardt PV 1 Transmission Line
Tongaat Desalination Plant HIA
Tongaat Desalination Plant and associated infrastructure
Heritage Scoping Report - Proposed Desalination Plant at Tongaat
Lovu Desalination Plant
Heritage Impact Assessment for the suite of Kentani Solar Developments, Dealesville, Free State Province
SRMO palaeo report
SRMO heritage



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