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CaseID CaseReference ApplicationDate Status
4810 collection of fossiliferous breccias 12/07/2010 Closed (Approved)
4506 collection of breccia from ine dumps and excavation of in situ deposit 26/01/2009 Closed (Approved)
4154 continuation of excavations of Plio-Pleistocene deposits at Kromdraai A and Kromdraai B 28/03/2008 Closed (Approved)
82 Kromdraai A and B 07/04/2012 Returned to Applicant
11504 Kromdraai flowstone dating 11/08/2017 Studies Pending
477 Sterkfontein fossil site, Cradle of Humankind, Gauteng Province 24/08/2012 Closed (Approved)
3555 temporary export isolated bovid teeth fragments from the NFI 08/12/2006 Closed (Approved)
3554 temporary export of Sts 52 a and b maxilla and mandible of Australopithecus africanus from Sterkfontein 07/12/2007 Closed (Approved)

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